Nagtahan Bridge: Colorful by Night!

You may have (long) noticed the changing lantern lights along Nagtahan Bridge, also known as the Mabini Bridge, in Pandacan, Manila. While this may not be the best display of lights in the city, I had the chance to take some video clips one late night which I am sharing it here:

[Watch the same video on ‘’ in my old site, HERE.]

Although some have been broken; few do not sychronize with the others; and most of it are already faded, it is still worth passing by the bridge and watching the lights as they turn into different colors. Reminder:keep your hands on the wheel.

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13 Responses to Nagtahan Bridge: Colorful by Night!

  1. nova says:

    they are fixing it now.. replacing the old/broken lights =)

  2. apibey says:

    this is how it use to look like & how pretty it was. unfortunately the view is not the same as today. i noticed that the pretty lights were gone and even the glasses were broken along the bridge. i hope the city gov. would be able to find a way to restore and maintain these lights, im pretty sure they have spent alot to achive that look.

  3. Jovs says:

    I hate to be such a critic, but I feel there’s an overkill at how the Nagtahan Bridge has been “beautified”. While it does look good, specially at night (where every other trash is not visible), and from afar, try passing by while the sun is still up. Count how many lights and lamposts there are, at both sides of the bridge and on the aisle. Estimate the stretch of Nagtahan and compare that to the other streets of Manila, and see the difference. I agree that dilapidated landmarks should be renovated and it is for this reason the bridge should be respected in a right manner and not turn it into a candy cane bridge. Be practical, fix the roads, light the common streets but don’t use landmarks as a showcase project.

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  5. tasyo says:

    Spare yourself the trouble Cons. I’m just one of your fan. A BIG one at that. Not the Vigan longganisa type. hahaha

  6. Constantine says:

    Tasyo: Oh, well, I was, and you got me there, huh! Now I’m changing my mind, you’re no longer the person I was thinking…iba ka na naman…!!! Give me time to figure this out, malalaman ko din!

  7. Tasyo says:

    Hey Cons! I didn’t know you were guessing who I am. It’s not like I was trying to be a different person. Sheesh! =b

  8. Constantine says:

    Tasyo: Gotcha! Finally, I know who you are, YOU!!! Never knew you speak good english! Hehehe!

    Jon: Masarap yun! Ilocos’ best!!! Sure you’ll enjoy it, right, Tasyo?! 🙂

    Sistah: balancer, vigan longanisa, stick shift, whatever! It does not make sense to me when what is commented to to is nagtahan bridge and not iloco’s king!!! Waaaah!!!!!

  9. sistah says:

    That is awesome! But then- while you are watching the changing lights,hold on to your balancer! LOL!

  10. ano na namang yang vigan longga nisa na yan..bwahahaha…

    eniway..kakaibang video na naman to.

  11. Tasyo says:

    Yeah Cons. I even get images of that Vigan man during my sleep! *shudders*

    Saan ka guilty? Sa pag-hawak din ng stick shift? Nino-ninuninu? *ROFL!*

  12. Constantine says:

    Tasyo: Guilty…and it’s something not to be done 🙂 Can’t get over ilocos king huh? Hehe!

  13. Tasyo says:

    I hear yah. Keeping one’s’s hand on the wheel sounds sensible to me.

    Or like the guy in the “Ilocos King” picture in the post below: Keep your hand in the stick shift! hahahaha!

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