“Biag ken Siak” is now here!

‘Biag ken Siak’ has moved to its new home here. The current layout is undergoing improvement so please bear with it in the meantime.  

Regular posting shall continue. 

Dios ti Agngina Apo! OK Ngarud! 

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7 Responses to “Biag ken Siak” is now here!

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  2. luis beltran says:

    Still on taking vacation from last years sched vacation.. but nowhere to go! except doing some postponed honey do’s.. taking respite from the backyard, i got deeper on your site… so you changed your signature! and I was wondering who torn is!.. well, like what my high school English teacher once said, a rose by any other name still is a rose… either way, I like Constantine and Torn’s work… Like my Dad used to say when my siblings and I do a good job, Very good, Balong. Keep it up.. And I say to you, Very good, Balong.. Keep up the good work..

  3. biagkensiak says:

    Sistah: Aniakamet aya!!! 🙂 Were you lost or something, huh?! 🙂

  4. biagkensiak says:

    Tasyo: I have uploaded the orginal header here for your pleasure. Yahuuuu! 🙂

    Sistah: Wait no more, nest post coming up and more…:)

  5. sistah says:


  6. Tasyo says:

    Whoa! Turning a new leaf huh! I like the original header though. Keep those posts coming Cons! Biag Ken Siak dominates! YiiiHaaa!

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