Where to go for your early Christmas shopping!

Making your Christmas list, this early, is fun. Looking for a one-stop-shop to get all you need is another. Why not try 168 Shopping Mall located in Divisoria. (Trivia on the ‘168’ name: In Cantonese, 1-6-8 is “Yat-Luk-Pat” which sounds like “Yat-Low-Fat” that translates to “road to luck!”)


168 Mall is an air-conditioned building that houses almost everything and anything (except appliances) you may need for your Christmas shopping and everything not. The place is tidy with comfort rooms and a fast-food center. Set-up is ‘tiange’ style with extensive choices of merchandise.

Prices are cheap, the usual “presyong divisoria.” To give you an idea of how low can prices go, a friend described it as “pinamimigay ang mga gamit doon!”

How to get there:

Commute: take a ‘jeepney’ from Recto to Divisoria and get down in Abad Santos Avenue. Cross Recto to get you to Reyna Regente Street; walk down the street (pass by Soler Street/Caltex Gasoline Station/Felipe II Street/Meisic Mall – they are few steps away from each other); turn right and you’ll see 168 from there. The walk is very short, trust me.


By car: take Recto going to Divisoria; turn right at Abad Santos; take the first U-turn slot; cross Recto going to Reyna Regente Street; pass bv Soler Street/Caltex Gasoline Station/Felipe II Street/Meisic Mall, all to your right and all are beside each other (you can already see 168 from here, but no right turn allowed); go straight and take the first right turn after Jose Abad Santos Elem. School; just follow the road and you’ll be guided by signs going to the mall.

PARKING: If you see an available parking slot when you get to Reyna Regente Street and anywhere along the way going to the mall, take it, you may not be lucky enough to get a slot in the very limited parking space of the mall.

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