Postcards from Punta Fuego: “Uno”

I was on a weekend get-away to Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas with good friends John and Benz (with their daughter, Kite). That was their fourth, and my first. Your first should be always exciting so I prepared my number one companion in times like these, my camera with sufficient load of SD cards! (Thx Sistah!)

We left Manila before lunch but because of several ‘very worthy’ stopovers on the way (which will be the subject of my blog in the next few days), we reached Peninsula de Punta Fuego at about 5 p.m., just in time for the sunset which, I was informed, is magnifico, and indeed it was! Here is an image I have picked from my several shots of the ‘Punta Fuego sunset drama’ taken from the Country/Main Club:


Intrigued by what ‘Punta Fuego’ means, I did my (quick) research: Punta means Point, while Fuego means Fire,thus, Punta Fuego literally means Point of Fire! After knowing that, the name made real sense to me because Punta Fuego is described as a “flame-shaped” peninsula with 12-white sand cove beaches.


Peninsula de Punta Fuego is an 88-hectare Spanish-Mediterranian residential beach resort with a Beach Club, a Marina/Yacht Club, a Country/Main Club, a Nine-Hole Golf Course and Casitas where we stayed. Here is a photo of the Casitas where we spent the night:


Aside from the whole place, I personally like the bathroom. It’s simple, high ceiling, wide space and very neat. What made me fell in love with it is the all-mirrored sliding wall (from celing to the ground) on one side overlooking a pocket-peeble garden. I would have liked it more if there were some greens or a tiny ‘koi’ pond on the garden for better ‘nature’ feel. If you notice the protruding wall on the right side of the picture above (partially covered by that short palm), that’s the bath area. The open space is the peeble garden. Don’t be bothered while doing your number 1 or number 2 because the wall is high enough to give you peace of mind and the whole place is very secured. No one would dare climb that wall to see you in your full glory, I’m telling you!    I practically spent the dusk taking pictures of the sunset (you know how quick the sun sets, right?). I am sharing here some personal picks, though I intend to upload some more in the next few days.




To have a more extensive information about Peninsula de Punta Fuego, developed by Landco Pacific Corporation, and operated by Fuego Hotels (they also operate Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao and Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay), you can visit their website HERE.

Postcript: In my next several posts, I will sharing other stories, places and scenes from the same place. Agsubli kayto wen!

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9 Responses to Postcards from Punta Fuego: “Uno”

  1. Anna Cabatu says:


    can you kindly send for me quotation for 3night stay for a family 4adults and 2childrens.
    Pls advise thanks

  2. Jenny Ann Rola says:

    Hi is your place for rent? our family is looking for a house for rent inn punta fuego.. if it is, please send me quotation and details.. thanks thanks in advance

  3. dangskie says:


    i would like to know if we can rent the place for 2 weeks…..if we can? what is the rate per day/night…per week

    thanks if you could let me know anytime soon.
    we need the place in march 2007


    P.S…you got a nice and magnificent shots of that place…i like of …i fall in love of that place too

  4. leah says:

    hi would you know if a nonmember can enjoy this place? are you a member?

  5. jhanz says:

    ei, I really love sunset, I really enjoyed what i saw in your postcard……

  6. constantine says:

    Ei Jon, welcome to my new home! Speechless ka yata? Wala ka yatang masabi? Yun lang? Hehe 🙂

  7. jonjon says:

    ang ganda..wala akong masabi..kungdi lang

  8. biagkensiak says:

    Thx! That was my walk yesterday, Walktoday! 🙂

  9. walktoday says:

    Beautiful photography!

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