Postcards from Punta Fuego: “Dos”

I was already awake at 5 a.m., anticipating the greatness of the sunrise, in as much as I have witnessed the sunset in all its serenity the day before. By six, I was already out eager and ready to take pictures. I am posting here select images of Peninsula de Punta Fuego and let me start with the sunrise:


Driving around wide, well-paved and neat roads on rolling terrain, overlooking the ocean was so relaxing. Passing by long lines of huge and well-themed villas makes you so envious (well, ‘unreasonably’ envious that is!) and makes you wonder how much should you earn a year to have one like it!


Here something which is ‘very Ilocos’ in appeal. The capiz windows with colored glasses to appear like ‘holes’ are its charm:


Here’s another which appears so simple and sturdy. I like the unpretentious structure and the use of uniform stones on the walls:


Here’s another which have become a popular (or ‘unpopular!’) landmark at the highest peak of Peninsula Punta Fuego owned by interior designer Cocoy Cordova called ‘Les Mesquita Cordova’:


To close this entry, I am sharing to you an image I have taken of lamp posts on the other side of the beach, at night, with a little bit of creativity:


Postcript: In my next post, I will be sharing images of Peninsula de Punta Fuego’s facilities and other scenes around. Agsubli kayo manen, aya?!

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4 Responses to Postcards from Punta Fuego: “Dos”

  1. derdo says:

    I hope you can answer this soonest. How many of you stayed in one casita? Did you occupy 2 considering there were 3 adults and one child in your group?

  2. blueyun says:

    looking for pixs of capiz windows, I stumble onto this website!
    wow–I was blown away by how beautiful the ilocos areas are!!!
    so glad to ‘stumble’ into this blog.
    selamat po!

  3. constantine says:

    Thx! Thx! It’s only the photography you admire? Joke! 🙂

  4. walktoday says:

    I still admire the photography most of all. You are going places wit these images. Beautiful!

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