Postcards from Punta Fuego: “Quatro”

After two-hours (from 6-8 a.m.)going around Peninsula de Punta Fuego and going up and down the car to take pictures of both ‘God-given’ and ‘man-made’ sceneries, it’s time for breakfast. Nope, we did not have breakfast at the Main Club, not only because it may get too expensive considering how hungry I was but we wanted to explore what’s outside Punta Fuego.

For breakfast, a restaurant/carinderia called Olive Jardin Marine-Seafood Restaurant satisfied our hungry tummies. We had fried tilapia and pork-adobo (con fresh onions-how’s that!). The carinderia may not look as expensive as  the villas inside Punta Fuego, but it has it’s own charm. I felt like I was in the movie Willows or better yet inside those tiny country-house lamps!

Here is an image of the carinderia to explain myself better:carinderia-copy.jpg


Aside from the outside appearance of the place, what was charming is the use of wooden chairs and tables (strictly no monoblocks!):inside-carinderia-copy.jpg

Inside is not only a carinderia. It’s also a sari-sari store and fruit/veggie’s stand all rolled into one. What was quite interesting were those tiny novelty pieces that belongs to the owner as part of her collections. 

Here are tiny pedal-bikes that hang at the counter:bikes-copy.jpg

Here is another one dedicated to a good friend Benz, who is a Coke collector, who incidentally, celebrated with hubby, John, their 8th wedding anniversary yesterday:coke-items-copy.jpg

Here is an image of Steamed-Tanigue in a claypot. I wanted to eat some but the waitress told me politely that it was no longer good because it was cooked a day before:steamed-tanigue-copy.jpg

Here are two similar images taken on the streets of Balaytigue, the town where Punta Fuego is. After taking the second one, I need not ask what’s the main source of livelihood for people in Balaytigue


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7 Responses to Postcards from Punta Fuego: “Quatro”

  1. constantine says:

    Benz: Ok ba? 🙂 Masyado malaki para sa sling bag ni John, er, ko pala, hehe. Oks yung place no, kakaiba! 🙂

    Aparriano: Welcome here, Aparriano! 🙂 Thx for your piece so that Sistah will have a piece of mind that it’s not ‘blue marlin’ 🙂

  2. Aparriano says:

    Mukhang Dorado or Sword-Fish/Dolphin Fish…Shiira in Japanese

  3. Benz Rana says:

    I love the Coke thingy pero mas masaya sana kung kinuha mo na lang kesa kinunan mo lang… hahaha i love it… ganda buti nalang I didnt see it or I will drool. Ganda nung outside shot ng place.

  4. constantine says:

    Sistah: On that note, I think it’s not a blue marlin. The one I asked was not even sure if it was and it doesn’t really look like one, is it? 🙂

  5. sistah says:

    If that’s a Blue Marlin,it really breaks my heart. I mean,really- because Blue Marlins can grow up to at least 750 lbs.On a more serious thought and an environmental mood- I am afraid for the earth’s resources for mankind and for the younger ones to eat and breathe.

  6. constantine says:

    yup, looks like it to me but when i asked they told me it’s a ‘blue marlin’! They are similar but I think blue has wider upper body and more bluish top. 🙂

  7. korrina korrina says:

    i wish i was there. look at the …is it a swordfish? can’t get any fresher than that.

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