Imagine: Punta Fuego

Imagine Punta Fuego. Imagine Infity.

I am ending my series on Punta Fuego with two (very) short videos that I have compiled from clips I have taken in the same place.The series may be short, the stay may even be shorter, and videos here may be the shortest I can come up with, but my memories and experience of Punta Fuego will forever linger in my mind…always asking…when will I ever live there? (Bwehehe!)😆

I have uploaded youtube here but you may see it at on the link provided below. Watch on.

*See the same videos on ‘’ HERE.

READ & SEE MORE IMAGES of my Punta Fuego Entries below: 

Postcards from Punta Fuego-1

Postcards from Punta Fuego-2

Postcards from Punta Fuego-3 

Postcards from Punta Fuego-4

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4 Responses to Imagine: Punta Fuego

  1. constantine says:

    Uy Lakay! Alisto lang. Click mo diay video a kayat mo; diay kannawan na,adda box nga URL ken IMBED. Didiay IMBED to i-copy sakanto i-paste latta idiay kayat mo na pangipanan. 🙂

  2. jake says:

    lakay kasano ti agi-embed ti youtube iti blog. agpaisuroak koma no mabalin.

  3. constantine says:

    Thx sistah! Off topic: I saw Ron’s pix in your blog, he looks great! Say my regards. 🙂

  4. sistah says:

    i viewed the videos. love it,too!

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