The Nestle Creamery: Marble Slab, Ice Cream, Etc.

New name, new look, new operators, but the location is the same. It’s the The Nestle Creamery in Aurora Boulevard (formerly Magnolia Ice Cream House in the 70’s), and its latest attraction is its ‘Marble Slab,’ a frozen marble table where ice cream concoctions are prepared.

I am uploading here a short video of how they prepare ice cream concoctions on the ‘marble slab’ (below) and a ‘sneak peek’ of the resto’s interior towards the end of this entry.

The Nestle Creamery is an evolution from what was then the very popular Magnolia Ice Cream House in the 70’s. The location is the same, ice cream preparations served in the same place some 30-years ago still exist, and the family-oriented goodwill still remains. If at all, only the name and the appearance of the place have changed.

Here is a short video of the place, inside and out:

I was informed that after Nestle acquired Magnolia some years back, they changed the name to Magnolia-Nestle Funhouse. But of late, about the middle of this year, it underwent renovation and since then, it was known as The Nestle Creamery.

The Creamery’s menu is still very ‘diner’ which we all love. It likewise include food preparations for kids and grown-ups, from appetizers to the main course, to, of course, ice ceam – the ‘star’ of the store, which are now all Nestle Ice Cream based.

Here are some images I have taken when I went to the place with some friends some nights back:

The Marble Slab:


The Check:


By the way, for those who craves for Magnolia ice cream, there’s a new Magnolia Ice Cream House immediately across The Nestle Creamery (Image below):


The Nestle Creamery is open from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. everyday. They accommodate functions especially kiddie parties. They have indoor and outdoor playground; the resto is spacious; parking is ample and secured. You can reach The Nestle Creamery at 415-78-72.

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12 Responses to The Nestle Creamery: Marble Slab, Ice Cream, Etc.

  1. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

  2. Torn says:

    Thx for the info whiffandasip 🙂

  3. whiffandasip says:

    Five Cows in Trinoma is also owned by Nestle Creamery in case you are in Trinoma.

  4. Gian Canales says:

    Do you have pictures of the old magnolia house? I am doing a short documentary about pop culture in the early eighties and i can’t find the pictures that i need.

  5. rj says:

    galing ng services galing ng mga staff

  6. beda ka nga says:

    nestle talaga ang video mo taga san beda ka nga heheheh

  7. constantine says:

    Jonjon: Yup.Yummy. Sabi nila! 🙂 Have not tried so much, konti lang.

    Sistah: Not really, have not consumed so much to feel that. (Re your out of topic query: sure I will)

    Tasyo: Mabuhay ka!!! Opps, Nabuhay ka pala! 🙂 Good you found your way here at dika nawala! Haha! You got so many questions and they deserve one good simple answer…Yes to all! Hahaha! 🙂

  8. Tasyo says:

    is that clean? regarding the check picture, are those chicken bones in the background? were they mixed with the ice cream? was it good? what was it called, chicken a la mode? nyehehehe

  9. sistah says:

    Out of topic:
    Can you write down a few of the good hotels or places to stay for future reference?

  10. sistah says:

    Did you not feel the saturated fat creeping up your thighs?LOL!

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