CALERUEGA: The Hanging bridge, Koi pond and Elevated walkway

Caleruega, in Brgy, Kaylaway, Batulao, Batangas, is a “house of prayer and renewal.” It is open to activities like retreats, recollections, prayer and renewal workshops, study, research, youth camps, marriage and family encounters, skills training, leadership seminars, art, music, and liturgy workshops and environment and agriculture-related activities.”

To get to Caleruega, take the national road from Tagaytay, going to Nasugbu. After the Nasugbu Welcome Arch, turn left to Evercrest Golf Club, follow the road and you’ll see directions going to Caleruega. Just take it from there. Easy to find. Immediately after Evercrest, you may want to check out Chapel on the Hill which has gained popularity as a prime wedding location. See location map.

Caleruega has amenities like conference and function halls, dormitories and cottages. The Transfiguration Chapel has become its famous landmark being popular among couples as a venue for wedding and has been featured in magazines, television shows and even in movies.

Equally interesting is the CAMP SITE AND REFLECTION GARDEN which I am featuring here. The entrance is located at the back of the Chapel and Administration Building, accessible by some 5-10 minutes of walk on paved road should you wish not to bring your car. There are rest areas along the way with a view of Tagaytay mountains. From the entrance, trees, man made waterfalls, fountains, koi ponds, and lush fauna over elevated walkways provide relaxing sights and atmosphere fit for meditation. Farther down is the camp area on rolling hills and tall trees. I have compiled some images below:

Here are other images in the main garden between the Administration Building and the Transfiguration Chapel:

You may call Caleruega at (0921) 2709890 or (0921) 830-4226 and  if does not work anymore. you may check their website HERE.

Before Caleruega is an equally interesting place, Chapel on the Hill. See Chapel on the Hill here.


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23 Responses to CALERUEGA: The Hanging bridge, Koi pond and Elevated walkway

  1. Jessica laguucao says:

    Anu po ang sitio at brgy
    Kung san matatagpuan ang caleruega church at sa hanging bridge niti tnx po

  2. James Ferrante says:

    I was fortunate enough to visit there by chance. Remarkable place. Looking forward to returning. I agree with Mharlie…someday I’ll marry there too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    the place is really nice. will come back soon for some reflection. the place is so’ll be moved to pray and praise GOD.

  4. mharlie says:

    someday ‘ill marry here!

  5. margz says:

    it’s a nice place, were you can forget ur problem and pause for awhile that there are beautiful things, especially our nature…try to visit, its a nice experience, especlially walking to a bridge…i really enjoy iand love it!

  6. Belle031 says:

    I was so much inlove with the place, my loved one brought me here once…wish to visit again with him…

  7. Bhong T. says:

    Sana makita namin lahat yan this coming August 2

  8. retsyla says:

    I’m definitely going to Calaruega. It’s in my planner already..can’t wait…

  9. Servidor says:

    Muy señor mío, me parece estupendo que exista un lugar así, pero conozco uno mejor también llamado Caleruega, pues es un pueblo muy bello en la España profunda.

    Por cierto, ¿esto está en Filipinas o dónde? Es que yo no entiendo el inglés. Los siento.

    Atte. un servidor.

  10. jayd says:

    i fell in love with this place!

  11. Dadette says:

    I hope we could visit the place . I’m very aexcited to see it. I’ve never been there.

  12. Torn says:

    Hi Mitz! Thanks for passing by… 🙂

  13. Mitz says:

    Great pics. I never knew Caleruega was so big. I just visited the place for the first time for a 6pm wedding. Too bad we weren’t able to explore the place as much as you did. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Nigel says:

    Nice work on your photos and I really liked your photos quality. I’ve bookmarked your site and will check often to see updates and how things are going. Good job!


  15. nice says:

    i also want to go there!

  16. constantine says:

    Hi Karl! How’s Mimi? 🙂 Nice of you to have dropped by. Stay well!

  17. karl says:

    Bong ako rin di ko alam yang hanging bridge na yan kay Dax ko lang nalaman may ganun daw… shoot tayo minsan dun hehe

  18. constantine says:

    Sistah: Yes, is it indeed! Not only restful but peaceful.

    Bong: Sometimes, better things (if not the best!) are down below. Try going straight down in Caleruega to see what I mean. 🙂

  19. bong says:

    huh?! visited that place a number of times already and not once have i seen that hanging bridge. i’m such a church-goer kasi e kaya i always go straight up to the chapel. 🙂

  20. sistah says:

    Seems like a very restful place.

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