NovemBoracay Series 2006: Boracay Tropics

Few days back, I spent the All Saint’s Day Holiday in Boracay. It was my first and it is on this note that I am starting my NovemBoracay Series (2006), to save for posterity, my personal accounts of a place where almost everybody have gone, except me! (Not until October 31 this year!) 🙂


Having spent my teen years in the province (Ilocos Norte) where beaches are very accessible, I always had the idea that the (only) time to go to the beach and enjoy it, is during the summer (here in the PHI), which is from March to April. It is during this time that temperature rises, thus, frolicking on waters (in any form) compensates very well for the terrible humidity. I never thought November would be a good time to go to the beach because it is during this month that it becomes windy, thus, kite-flying is more popular (at least where I grew up) than going to the beach.

On 31 October 2006, we touched down in Kalibo, after lunch, but instead of going straight to Caticlan Port, we had a side trip at Sampaguita Gardens, which I will feature later. We left Kalibo by a service van at 5 p.m. and reached Caticlan Port by 7 p.m. A service motorboat took us to Boracay Island in 15 minutes and we alighted at Station 3.

I was not greeted by the glaring white sands of Boracay but instead by the dim lights of Station 3. It was low tide and being unfamiliar what may get wet in my pockets, I decided to be carried on the shoulders of one of the local boys which they usually do on low tide.

Below is an image of Caticlan Port where you get a boat ride to Boracay Island. This was taken during the day on our way back to Manila:


From Station 3, a service car (called ‘multicab’) took us to where we are staying – the Boracay Tropics, one of the new places to stay in Boracay. It is located along the main road of Station 2, and a 5-minute walk to the beach on paved road.

Below is am image of the multicab which is one of the modes of transportation is Boracay:


I am sharing here with you a short video clip of Boracay Tropics:

**Watch the same video on H E R E.

Boracay Tropics, being relatively new, is very tidy. True to its name, it is very ‘tropical’ from the reception area, to its gardens, and to the rooms. The bathroom is good with hot and cold water and well provided toiletries and towels. I particularly liked their ‘minty’ liquid bath soap which feels so refreshing after under the sun for some time.


Breakfast buffet which was part of our accommodation package was good. I never had the chance to try their other menus except for a watermelon shake for 105 Pesos, inclusive. After that, I decided to buy my drinks outside and consume it before I enter the hotel. Bringing of food and beverage (even water) inside the hotel is subject to corkage.


Being a new place, bear with the Reception on check-in and check-out. They may just be ironing some flaws which should be in place very soon. Overall, I enjoyed Boracay Tropics the way I enjoyed the walking along the beach of Boracay. Given a chance to go back, staying at the same place will be a good option.


Here are other images of I took of Boracay Tropics:





To know more about Boracay Tropics, check their website HERE.

Postcript: I am honestly overwhelmed by the quantity of images and video clips I took in Boracay. It took me some time to organize my thoughts on how I to share it with you. Expect several entries for NovemBoracay Series (2006) and I hope “haan kayo nga mauma nga agsubli, wen!” 🙂  

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7 Responses to NovemBoracay Series 2006: Boracay Tropics

  1. Sally D says:

    Wonderful place there are not many places like these left, the mainstream tourism industry has got rid of most.

  2. Carrey says:

    great intro abt Boracay Tropic. might stay there on my next trip if there were one. 🙂

  3. constantine says:

    It was halloween Tasyo, good it was not a witch that distracted the view. 🙂

  4. Tasyo says:

    i like the first pic. the beach looks perfect, sayang lang me nakaharang na web. harharhar

  5. constantine says:

    Sistah: Thx for the kind words, sis! Torn? Between whom? Hehe! 🙂

    Korrina: Yes, indeed!

  6. korrina korrina says:

    very nice place to de stress.

  7. sistah says:

    Very beautiful place! I always admire the photography. You’ve done so well,Torn!

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