NovemBoracay Series: Boracay Beach

*All images uploaded in this entry are taken in Station 1.

Being a first timer is Boracay, the white sand beach was indeed a feast not only for my eyes but likewise for my lens. I thought the images I have taken of the beach in Station 2, being the nearest to our Hotel, were already the best, until I finally reached Station 1, after 2 previous failed attempts.


The time was perfect. The sun was out, the sky was clear, the beach was not crowded. My subject was just there, standing still in its full glory, waiting to be taken from any angle. I started to work out my shutter. Not contented, I took some video clips which I have compiled to share it with you here:

See the same video on H E R E.

**See more images on the next page.

Many have been said and told about the ‘white sand beach’ of Boracay. It has been described as powdery and talcum white sand, alluding to the beach of Station 1. There were other descriptions I have read as sugary white sand, maybe referring to the beach of Stations 2 and 3, being more rough than in Station 1.


I know, most of you may not have the need to read my thoughts here or even see the images I have uploaded, for you may already know better about Boracay, but allow me have my share. 🙂


Pardon me, but it was only after my holiday in Boracay that I finally understood what Stations 1, 2 and 3 mean, how Boracay looks like, and how ‘urbanized’ a beach can become – all of it beyond my imagination, until I saw it myself.


The 3.5 kilometers of white sand beach, more popularly known as the white beach or simply referred to as the Boracay Beach is divided into 3 Stations. Station 1 is located on one end of the beach which is reputed to be with high-end resorts and restaurants. It has the finest white sand among the 3 Stations but it has no visible and permanent pathway except on the shoreline itself, unlike in Stations 2 and 3 where a pretty wide pathway appears visible between the beach on one side and the establishments on the other.

Notice the rocky-mountain formation on the image immediately above, that’s the end of Station 1. The same formation is found at the end of Station 3. Boracay Beach is actually a (shallow) cove and beyond those two mountain formations on both ends of the white beach are other beaches which can be visited but expect no amenities as those present in the white beach.


I will feature Stations 2 and 3 in my succeeding entries for those who have not been to Boracay to appreciate what I am saying here, and for those may have left special memories of the place to reminisce and smile back the past a bit.

Here are other images taken in Station 1:



The image below was taken on the coconut trees above Pier-One Bar and Restaurant. I was thinking is if it’s really serving it’s purpose. 🙂


Below is an image of the famous grotto landmark of Boracay:


The image below is the tree beside the grotto. I noticed that it was dying because it appears to be dried. I took the liberty of taking a shot before it’s gone.


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5 Responses to NovemBoracay Series: Boracay Beach

  1. jennifer says:

    thanks for sharing your boracay experience.

  2. constantine says:

    Dunno, but there’s a local ad for a local beverage which appears to be in the same setting.

  3. korrina korrina says:

    Is that really a hammock up the coconut tree/ Wonder if someone had taken the trouble of climbing all the way up there?

  4. constantine says:

    Korrina: Wen a, Umaykayon! 🙂

  5. korrina korrina says:

    Beautiful! Intayon!

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