NovemBoracay Series: Boracay Mornings

*All images in this post are taken in Stations 2 & 3.

I am a morning person. I was already up at six, and do my walking as soon as I get up. It is in the morning that Boracay does not come alive. Mostly, you see local residents combing the sands of fallen leaves and whatever is left on the ground from the party over the night. They fix their stalls and stores, prepare whatever they need for the day, and do anything to meet the needs of tourists for the day.


There are some tourists who do their morning routines (they can’t do much because establishments open at 9 a.m.). I have uploaded here a short video reflecting what Boracay is in the morning. Let me share it with you:

*See the same video on H E R E .

*See more videos and images in the next page.

One of the attractions of Boracay are the sandcastles that line the shore of Station 2 for tourists to see and have their pictures taken. There is no fee but there is a donation can in every castle – donate whatever you can. They are lit at night with gas lamps, which I will post next.

I have uploaded here a video of the sandcastles:

*Watch the same video on  H E R E .

Here are other images taken in the morning:


Below are ‘banana boats’ which I had the (dis) pleasure to ride. It’s pulled by a motorboat and its speed increases until they flip you over (which I was told was part of it) but I didn’t expect that! I enjoyed it anyway. 🙂


Jetskies are likewise available for a fee:


Or you may try kayaking:


Or better yet Parasailing:


In my next post, I will upload images taken in the afternoon ’till night in Boracay. See you then. 🙂

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6 Responses to NovemBoracay Series: Boracay Mornings

  1. Amazing weblog you obtained suitable right here and many thanks for that helpful facts. I used to be pondering about submitting on the comparable subject on my personal weblog

  2. sistah says:

    How true. The photos just make you want to go there,pronto!

  3. constantine says:

    Nope. John did. That’s ok, there’s still something to look forward to on the next visit. 🙂

  4. sistah says:

    did you try parasailing?

  5. constantine says:

    Yup! But the ‘parasailing’ is more appealing to me 🙂

  6. sistah says:

    The banana boats are interesting.

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