NovemBoracay Series: Afternoon in Boracay and Skimboarding

It is in the afteroon that Boracay starts to come alive. It’s when most people are out strolling in the beach, shopping in alleys, doing sports, or simply sitting on the sand or taking a while somewhere else at sunset.


I have uploaded here a short video taken in the afternoon, showing some activities on the shores of Boracay before the sun sets:

*Watch the same video on H E R E .

One fast growing sports in Boracay is ‘skimboarding.’ We met skimboarder’s Mads (and his companion, I forgot the name) one night in Station 1 and we had the pleasure to try the sports with their help. It was so fortunate that it was in the evening – no one else saw how we tripped and stumbled; and unfortunate because we never had a perfect routine. (Videos of skimboarding on the next page.)

The next day, I saw a group of teens skimboarding in Station 2. I took the liberty of taking video clips which I am uploading here – Mads was one of them and I only came to know that when I was editing the clips. Here are two short videos of skimboarding in Boracay featuring Mads and his friends:

*See the same videos on  H E R E .

 *Thank you to skimmers/skimboarders who appeared in the video.

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19 Responses to NovemBoracay Series: Afternoon in Boracay and Skimboarding

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  15. luap777 says:

    It certainly looks like more fun than winter here in Wisconsin 😉 didn’t visit Boracay yet, hope the wife and I can next time around.

  16. biagkensiak says:

    Skimboarding started with a group of lifeguards in the 1920’s at Laguna Beach. Skimboarding because these lifeguards were always seen in the beach “skimming” on large circular plywood. I have researched this for you to know more about the history of the sport :

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    Why is it called skimboarding?

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    Yup, I tried and I got bruises on my left knee!

  19. sistah says:

    Skimboarding looks like fun but whew! it takes an awful lot of skill.

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