NovemBoracay Series: Boracay Nights

It is at night that Boracay really comes alive! Wine and dine at the beach, in restaurants, or in d*talipapa,  shopping at d*mall, henna tatoo and hair braid shops are still open among others, and the adventure never stops until dawn.

I am sharing with you here a short video I have made of clips taken at night:

*Watch the same video on H E R E .

One night, we went to Station 1, where Jona’s Fruithake (and Restaurant) is. They serve various flavours at 75 Pesos a glass 24-hours a day. What’s interesting is that if it is for take-out, it is in a plastic (mineral water) bottle, and there’s a hole in the cap where the straw is inserted like what John is holding below, beside his ‘mermaid’ and crab! 🙂


I personally like the banana-choco-peanut. The taste of banana blends well with the ‘choco’ together with some peanut bits for texture. I had two of it.

Until then, see you again!

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7 Responses to NovemBoracay Series: Boracay Nights

  1. sistah says:

    Maybe I could experience that place sometime.

  2. constantine says:

    Bong: Buti naman. I will get used to it soon…sana…:)
    Tasyo/Bong: I think I have to agree with Tasyo. Syokoys are naturally that – creepy! Righ, John?!

  3. bong says:

    hi torn (i just love the sound of that)! 🙂

    tasyo, he’s not creepy, probably just drunk because of all the fruitshakes he consumed! hehe

  4. Tasyo says:

    Oh ****! Is that a real-deal siyokoy?! They are creepy! Joke John! 🙂 Your blog kicks ***, by the way!

  5. John Rana says:

    ang kuyot nung mermaid at nung siyokoy! hahahaha

  6. constantine says:

    That was never in my mind Tasyo, coz if I did, it may take a whole year! Konti nalang ‘to. Patience is a virtue, Hehe! 🙂

  7. Tasyo says:

    Boracay Tropics, Beach, Mornings, Afternoons, Nights … what’s next Torn? Oh how about Boracay Babes?! Harhar

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