NovemBoracay Series: The Road Less Travelled

Mt. Luho, Bat Cave, Crystal Cave (also known as Bat Cave 2) are places strange to me before I got to Boracay, but no longer when I left the Island.

As if things have fallen on their right places, we witnessed, on our last night, fireworks display in Station 2 (a portion of which is included in the video in my previous post).

For the last day, I ended it with an adventure, not on the beach, but in Boracay’s highest peak at 100-ft above sea level – Mt. Luho (Viewpoint/Viewdeck).

Let me share with you a short video of Boracay’s other side as we navigate the road less travelled:

*Watch the same video on H E R E .

John rented a motorcycle with the original intention to go to Mt. Luho, as suggested by the owner of the motorbike we rented. He told us that being unfamiliar with the road, it may take us about 30-minutes. He gave a direction when to make a turn but we missed it. Thus, we went further to the mountains of Boracay (Brgy. Yapak) on rough road. We did not know where we are heading until we met, Ronald, who may have followed us all along, with a hint that we may have been lost. He eventually became our tour guide for 500 Pesos, for three stops, and for riding with him in his motorbike. 

Below is Johh in red motorbike, and me in blue (that’s just for props, it belongs to our tour guide) :


The Bat Cave and Crystal Caves are the farthest we went to, navigable by motorbike or off-road bike (which you can rent along the way). Getting to the entrance of the caves require a short 10-minute trek on easy path, after paying a 50 Pesos ‘intrance’ fee per head: 🙂


Next stop is Mt. Luho. We did not go further, instead we went back to where we came from and took a path at the side of Boracay Fairways and Bluewaters which we missed earlier.

Along the way going to Mt. Luho is Boracay’s version of ‘smokey mountain’ which have become controversial in the past. I took some shots which you may have noticed in the video above. Such an irony: on the way to Boracay’s highest peak is the very visible dumpsite of Boracay.

Here are the some images I took at the peak of Mt. Luho:




As if I did not have enough of that dumpsite on the way way up, I still saw a portion of it even from the viewdeck (see image below). I had the option not to upload any image of the dumpsite in my entry here, but on second thought, for whatever purpose it may serve, I am sharing it with you, anyway. 


Below is the fascade of Holy Rosary Parish (Church) of Boracay, taken on our way back to the hotel:


To end my NobemBoracay Series, I would like to say big big thx to all the people I have taken images of, and huge huge thx to my travel companions in Boracay, Benz, John, Kitty Kite and Mike Lu.

‘Till our next travel together.  🙂

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3 Responses to NovemBoracay Series: The Road Less Travelled

  1. i cant believe that they would dump their trash there. its a beautiful place, why ruin it? dont turn it into a poop hole. thats the reason why tourist visit this place. ahhh…..some people dont care about nature at all. they only care about money…..

  2. John Rana says:

    Enteristing post. Still waiting for the v.2 edit of the video above for posting in my blog. Thanks, koya! 😉

  3. sistah says:

    Quite an experience. Whoever’s running this place want to make sure there’s no “intrance” wihout paying.No mony,no intri!

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