Constantine has a new name!

After seven months of blogging and more than a hundred posts, 200 images and videos uploaded, and an attempt to close down at one point, Constantine is reborn! After a record breaking number of entries 🙂 here at BKS for NovemBoracay Series, Constantine is re-baptized! Constantine shall now be known by his new name and signature:


How a name came about may not be explained better by the one who have it, but by the person who gave it. I am importing here a comment by John when Ritch asked why the name ‘Torn’:

Ritch: “Torn” is interesting and sounds a lot less generic than “Boie” and not a mouthful unlike “Constantine”. “Torn” stands for what his profession is for those who know, without being ‘in-your-face’. Spoken like the person who christened him that! Hahaha!


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5 Responses to Constantine has a new name!

  1. Torn says:

    Jon, makaluma ka talaga buti pa si Guenievere makakabo! Hehe! Thx for coming by Guenievere, see you again 🙂

  2. guenievere says:

    pwede rin “torn” by natalie imbruglia


  3. jonjonbarros says:

    Torn…gandang kanta yun..

    torn between two lovers…

    torn free..

    hmmmm..nice nick..torney!

  4. constantine says:

    Thx! He’ll get used to the new name in time like I am Or will he? 🙂

  5. korrina korrina says:

    I like that even better. Not too much syllables. Now it’s just my husband who says…ring…ring…hello Constantine!

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