Sampaguita Gardens: The (Jojo’s) Christmas Cottage

Sampaguita Gardens Resort and Spa, more popularly known simply as Sampaguita Gardens in 506 Rizal Street, Poblacion, New Washington, Aklan, a 10-minute ride from the Kalibo Airport aims to be a world-class resort for local and foreign guests. Not a far out idea especially that Mr. Samuel J. Butcher, the creator of ‘Precious Moments’ and a stockholder of the resort is the one responsible for the creative design for most part of the resort.


The (Jojo’s) Christmas Cottage, a three-storey structure including the attic, with a very Western interior and majestically seats at the center of the resort is considered to be the most popular attraction in the resort and have served at its landmark since it started commercial operation in June 2003. Considered to be the only all-year round Christmas Store in the country, it manufactures and distributes Precious Moments dolls, not only of American influence but have extended to recognize Asian culture such as Chinese Angel Doll and Precious Moment Thai Doll which sells from Php 1,000.00 to Php 2,000.00 a piece online.


The ‘cottage’ also sells Philippine hand-crafted gift items, Christmas decors and souvenir items. Proceeds of sales from dolls sold are donated to the Samuel. J. Butcher Foundation which supports the Children Library and Feeding Program of the Province of Aklan.

Video and more Images at the next page.  


I am sharing here a video I have made featuring the Christmas Cottage and it’s interior. In the video are also (in passing) images of the the Guest Rooms, the (Sammy’s) Circus Rides and the Convention Center, in order as presented after the first exterior shot of the Christmas Cottage:

There are other equally interesting sights at the resort such as The Precious Moments Chapel by the Sea, The Mansion, a Thai-inspired private residence (err public because everyone is welcome!) of Mr. Butcher, The Gallery which houses the miniature private residence of Mr. Butcher in the US along with his other collections, The Oriental Flavors Restaurant, claimed to be the first fine-dining resto in the Visayas, The Spa which is also Thai-inspired, among others – all of which shall be the subject of my next posts.

Meantime, I am sharing with you here images of the Sammy’s Circus Ride and the Cottage:



Two days before the start of the Christmas Month, here’s wishing you all advance Merry Christmas!!!

See you then!

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23 Responses to Sampaguita Gardens: The (Jojo’s) Christmas Cottage

  1. hani says:

    Hi! id love to know if i can buy those dolls via internet? (Precious Moments Dolls)

  2. sheena says:

    gud day wer can i buy a precious moments doll in a MATCH…coz i wanted to give to my boss…my fren gave me like that kindly please reply to my email tnx

  3. melie juanico says:

    i went to see your spa … and had a foot massage i wonder if you need a person to massage it.. i needs to upgrade the massage services… i am a license massage therapist from U.K. and work overseas for so many years i will be in aklan in may 2010 and woul love to visit your place again… hope i can share some few tips to make the treatments/ services … and marketing trategy,,,pls email me soon..I am managing a spa here in Oman / and Bahrain..

    With regards ,
    Melie email me sabena

  4. myds says:

    hi gano kalayo to from bora =)

  5. Lhery says:

    We enjoy our stay in Sampaguita Gardens last April 22-25, 2009. It is a lovely place to relax, and to pamper yourself and enjoy the food. All the staff were so accommodating and you will remember not only the beautiful place but also the collection of so many dolls.

  6. leila cristobal says:

    I love seeing this place everytime I travel ilo-ilo. I make sure I pass by this beautiful place very relaxing. I even sign up for membership and they send my orders via air.. Now I am a collector of such beautiful dolls.

  7. Benedicto A. Reyes says:

    I love precious moments collections. Do you have a doll store at the heart of metro manila? where I can Find one? How about malls in manila that sell precious moments dolls. Please give me information because I wanted to buy some stuff.

  8. Lovelace says:

    wow.. so great.. pumunta kami ng boyfriend ko dito.. hehe i love it..woohooo

  9. Lillian says:

    I really love the place! We went there August 2006 (the chapel was almost finished then).

    The place is so relaxing… makes you feel like a kid again!

    We bought our wedding cake topper there 🙂

  10. Pria says:

    hi!where can i buy these dolls through online? i went there last father’s hometown is aklan. we bought someof these dolls and i really like it. i want to buy more. may i know the easiest way to buy these there any website?can you post all the dolls descriptions and its price ranges especially the bride and groom. tnx and more power!

  11. mefcu says:

    Nice site 8699! Good site!!!

  12. zfzlv says:

    11Good site!!!!!

  13. Tasyo says:

    Babalik sa pagkabata? Nag-diaper ka ba dun Torn? Hahaha

  14. Torn says:

    Jonjon: Salamat naman kung ganun kaibigan, kung ikaw ay nandoon, bumabalik ka sa pagkabata, hehe! 🙂

    Korrina: When I first saw it on TV years back, I was already amazed on how they put up such a good idea. Children will really enjoy the place, like I did, hehe!

  15. korrina korrina says:

    I really never thought there are places like these on earth…

  16. jonjonbarros says:

    ang ganda ng mga tanawin..ang dami mo ng nalakbayan..

    thanks for sharing it… 🙂 naappreciate ko talaga as in!

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