Sampaguita Gardens: The Gallery, The Mansion, Etc.

Sampaguita Gardens is more than the Christmas Cottage. The Resort includes The Gallery which host Mr. Butcher’s private collection of his artworks. It includes collector’s items of Precious Moments porcelain figurines, his paintings in oil and watercolor. The centerpiece of The Gallery is a replica of his private residence in the US, which I was informed (by the receptionist/tour guide) underwent three major revisions to suit Mr. Butcher’s taste and spent Php 500,000.00 for the final product.



The Gallery also houses memorabilia’s, certificates and plaques of appreciation from various organizations. It also serves as a viewing room of a video on how Mr. Butcher started drawing and painting, which was later known all over the world as Precious Moments. Included in the video is a presentation on how he built the Precious Moments Chapel by the Sea at Sampaguita Gardens, the second ‘Precious Moments Chapel’ after the one in Carthage, Missouri (I will upload in my next post a video I made of the Chapel at Sampaguita Gardens).

Video and more images at the next page.



His Thai-inspired home referred to as The Mansion is open to the public. It majestically seats at one end of a wide and long yard/garden (also open to the public for various functions such as weddings and baptismals). At one end are two life-size horses made of steel, reminiscent of what appeared to me as Old-Japanese or Chinese warrior horses, and it usher you to a pathway, paved with carefully drawn tropical flora and fauna on huge cement tiles to the entrance of The Mansion.



The door of The Mansion is made of wood with carved image of the ‘Sampaguita’ flower. The same thing serves as a ‘divider’ in the living area, hand-carved (I was informed) by Mr. Butcher on soft wood of the same magnitude as the main door.


Expectedly, the atmosphere is very ‘Christmas-sy’ and the interior is a fusion of Western and Asian influence. Asian culture plays an important part on Mr. Butcher’s way of life and is very evident in the resort. The Oriental Flavors Restaurant is very Chinese, and The Spa is very Thai. Leaving your footwear at the doorsteps of The Gallery and The Mansion is undeniably very Asian and one very Filipino is the display of the Parol all over the Resorrt, all year round.


Having lived in Thailand for three years before he came to the Philippines in 1981, lived in Iloilo, (he later on donated his residence in Iloilo to his ‘church’) until he finally decided to settle in Kalibo, Mr. Butcher have embraced the culture he will forever love.

Here is a video taken at The Gallery, The Mansion, The Public Swimming Pool (nothing spectacular about the swimming pools except that its ‘cafeteria’ is overlooking the sea which is a very refreshing sight!) and The Spa to satisfy your curiosity, if it will in anyway. 🙂

I was not so lucky to meet Mr. Butcher when I was inside the Mansion, though I can hear him giving orders to a ‘houseboy’. I was told, though that he is always willing to have some pictures taken (with him, ofcourse) just in case he sees you inside.

One thing I noticed about Mr. Butcher is that he must be a ‘Cory’ fan, having made a Cory Doll. Not only that, he has also an oil painting by ‘Tita Cory’ in his dining area. One thing more, if there’s a ‘wishing well’, Mr. Butcher has a ‘’Wishing White Statue’ also in his dining – that’s no longer connected to ‘Tita’ Cory.  🙂 

Postscript: I have decided not to upload any images taken inside The Mansion to respect Mr. Butcher’s ‘privacy.’ Although it’s open to the public and taking pictures is allowed, it is still my personal conviction not to publish here at BKS. Just see it for yourselves when you have the chance – it is equally interesting as the other attractions in the Resort.

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27 Responses to Sampaguita Gardens: The Gallery, The Mansion, Etc.

  1. Anonymous says:

    just visited the place yesterday…two thumbs up…d best…

  2. Kathy Parks says:

    I will be attending the reunion in Carthage Missouri in June. My prayer is that Mr. Butcher is healthy, happy, willing & able to attend also. I think I speak for many when I say it would be a true pleasure to meet him to say thank you for what he has created. I know its to honour our Creator. But as I am a witness to the spiritual tranquility & awe inspiring “heaven on earth” chapel grounds I can hardly wait to get back. We are traveling from Texas & have not been back since 1996. I can hardly wait. Thank You Mr. Butcher for who you are & what you’ve done. We have all benefited from it. I did not know you reside full time in the Phillipines. Hope you will be able to attend the reunion. Blessing………….Kathy

  3. you will miss half of your life if you will not visit this place ….. hahah

  4. larry Z. Ortizo says:

    I have been there kag very Tahum…. gid kaayo…balik pa ko da

  5. Gregg says:

    I’ve been to this place two years ago. Memorable place… hay. My lips are sealed and so is my heart.

  6. marci says:

    The place is amazingly cool! Ive been there recently this March 08-10,2011 we drop by there after a long stay in Boracay and the place is awesome! Christmas everywhere and everyday!

  7. mekai says:

    wow…………its amazing……….ganda talaga ng sampaguita garden

  8. Joy G.Binayas says:

    Good day!!! I’ve been there once,and i like the place so much… Im planning to visit again this coming weekend,i will bring with me my hubby and children. Problem is that how can I make a room reservation? I dnt have any contact #… Please send it to me ASAP… Thanks a lot…

  9. Vivian says:

    I’m going there on the 8th of Oct. 2010. Hope to see Mr. Butcher! It will be a dream come true! 🙂

  10. noli r. rodriguez says:

    ,,good day sir: i am the one of the children who live in the orphanage of sir sam in ilo ilo since 1996, i got a lot of good things since i am there. they train us to be good person someday, and now i am, i already finish my course here in the Philippines. Sir i ask for your help to work in abroad, especially in companies of sir sam, please help me,, here is my contact number; 09283807518, i’ll wait for your reply, thank you very much and god bless you.

  11. Lowell Mason says:

    Hello JoJo, Greetings from the 1st. “Little Timmy” in Carthage, Mo. Tell Sam Hello, and we’ll look forward to his next visit..God Bless..Lowell

  12. dothy says:

    hi. can you please give me a contact number of sampaguita gardens hotel if you know it? i would like to confirm room reservations there. please, can you help me out?

  13. essa says:

    its really nice mr. buther…
    i’ve been there last oct. 4,,,
    how i wish we could back there and witness the fireworks display…

  14. Honney says:

    I feel sad that we were not able to drop by at Sampaguita when we went to Boracay last April. So sad…

  15. Ive been there few days after storm frank. the place remained intact and in good condition. Did some shopping spree . love the native collections.
    Superb staff!
    I tried the spa. I highly recomment it! wonderful vacation spot.

  16. eva says:

    hello jojo,
    how are you , we arrive houston safe and sound , by the way thank you very much , i got my 3 dolls its was signed by Sir Sam it is a precious moment,even were at middle of typhoon Frank,regards to all the superv staff

  17. Nhing says:

    Im so proud that Sampaguita Gardens Resort is located in Aklan.

    … and Im proud to say that I am Aklanon!

  18. rogelyn says:

    we’ve been there last 05/17/2008
    worth the long travel…
    and the place….wow..

  19. Alle says:

    I’ve been in this resort and it was amazing.Its highly recommended!You guys should visit this fantastic holiday resort.

  20. Aimee Hazelle Saladar says:

    Yes, GREAT PLACE!!!WORTH THE MONEY AND THE LONG DISTANCE TRAVEL. I have been there for 3x already. It never ceases to amaze me to be there.I will be there this Christmas….

  21. gladys says:

    nice place… i’ve been there last summer 2006… i shall return!!!

  22. Bevs says:

    Lovely! 😀
    Never been there but I have plan to visit it someday…

    • Anonymous says:

      sampaguita garden is the best place, because we will visit her in march 8-10.. i love it! nice place……………

  23. Torn says:

    Yes, he seems to be 🙂

  24. korrina korrina says:

    Very nice,Mr. Butcher.

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