Sampaguita Gardens: Precious Moments Chapel by the Sea

The Precious Moments Chapel by the Sea at Sampaguita Gardens is one of the latest additions to the amenities of the Resort. It is the second Precious Moments Chapel in the world after that in Carthage, Missouri built in 1989 by Mr. Sam Butcher, the same genius behind the Precious Moments Chapel (by the Sea) at Sampaguita Gardens.

I am sharing with you here a video of the Chapel:

The Chapel is fully air-conditioned and what amazes me is that Mr. Butcher handpainted all the murals inside (‘ala’ Leonardo da Vinci!) and outside the Chapel, inspired by bible verses and passages and consistent with the theme of Precious Moments. 

More images at the next page.

The Chapel is located at the back of The Christmas Cottage and being relatively new, its (wooden) door is yet to be installed:


Here are some (other) images that I took in the Resort:




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7 Responses to Sampaguita Gardens: Precious Moments Chapel by the Sea

  1. Kaye says:

    Hey, how can we contact the sampaguita gardens directly?
    Do you have their contact number?
    Would you mind sending it to my email?

  2. albert tenazas says:

    searching for a room for 2 persons for Jan 14th and 15th 2010.. How much please/

  3. albert tenazas says:

    searching for prices for a room 2 people Jan 14th and15th 2010.. How much?

  4. sim cheng neo says:

    My church, Harvester, just had our Holy Week camp at Sampaguita Gdns. All of us enjoyed ourselves.
    Oliver , the caterer was very accommodating.

    The management, however, need some improvement. I was not able to talk to anyone who can make decisions when we encounter some ‘problems’.

    We had a hard time looking for the operator of the carousel. By the time we found him we had only 15mins free ride

    There was no staff to turn off the aircon in the Convention Hall when not in use. I can imagine the electricity bill.

    Overall, we had enjoyed ourselves.

  5. Maisie says:


    So glad that you have posted the pics 🙂 Being searching for the exact location of the chapel.

    How best to travel to the Sampaguita Gardens, Aklan from air? Planning and looking forward to making a trip visit to the Chapel early 2010.

    Thank you.

  6. Allan says:

    Wow..what a beautiful place…..hope I can visit again. Congats to Sir Sam and Sir Jojo….thanks again for your help!…

  7. honney says:

    Wow. I can’t wait to go there this next week!

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