The First Philippine Idol and the Million Dollar Winners of Amazing Race 10!

Last night, the first Philippine Idol was proclaimed in the person of Mau Marcelo, a 26-year old lass who hails from Lucena City. A veteran of amateur singing contests, having more than 200 thropies ( which she gives out to his gay friends as awards in gay-beauty pageants because according to her, their humble abode gets’ smaller’ everytime!) to her credit before she joined the Philippine Idol, her story is truly inspiring. Admitedly, she has nothing except her talent and determination to win. In her interviews, she openly declares that she joined the contest because she wanted the money to help her family. Filipino voters may have sympathized with her in her cause, and that made her win! However, she only won by a very narrow margin of 1.42% over her runner-up.

She has been referred to as the Soul Diva, the Queen Latifah of the Philippines, but her victory song is one by Whitney Houston, ‘On My Own.’ Below is an an image of Mau singing after she was proclaimed the winner!


In world reality TV, the winners of the Amazing Race 10 are Tyler and James, both from Los Angeles, California. Tyler, 29, and James, 27, are best-friends and Models who underwent rehabilitation for addiction problems before they got to the Amazing Race. They have the most number-one finishes on every Pit Stop while they race around the world for a million dollar! In the end, as they declared in a post-interview, they first won the game of life and now, they won the Amazing Race!

Here is an image when they reached the final Pit Stop, the St. Basil Academy in Garrison, NY, and proclaimed the winners after coming from Paris:

Tyler & James 1

Rob and Kimberly provided a real challenge to Tayler and James. They were close to each other on their way to the final Pit Stop but the taxi of Tayler and James made the huge difference and it really spelled their victory!

James & Tayler 3

They have an EZ Pass at a toll gate on the way to the final Pit Stop and Rob & Kimberly did not have, that left them on queu in the Cash Lane caused them their most precious time in the whole race!

Here is an image of the winners in a post interview:

Tyler & James 2

This photo below courtesy of AR10 Website:

Tayler & James 4


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2 Responses to The First Philippine Idol and the Million Dollar Winners of Amazing Race 10!

  1. Torn says:

    Ooooooh Yeah! Indeed! Indeed! 🙂

  2. sistah says:

    Whew!This is so refreshing…

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