My one simple gift to two good friends this Holiday!

John and Benz are two close friends since our College days. They have gone to Ilocos several times and they have been my travel companions lately. Yours truly have always been welcomed in their home that saves me charges on internet and board. Huge Thx! 🙂

HPIM3048 copy

Above is an image I have taken of them in Intramuros this November which both of them like. A ‘struggling’ photographer as I am, I was flattered, the couple being exposed to top photographers in the wedding industry.

Nope, the photo above is not my gift to the good couple. In their travel to Ilocos in December of 2004, John saw something in one of the shops in Crisologo Street in Vigan which he failed to bring to Manila, for whatever reasons he had. After that travel, I remember John was telling me to get it for him just in case I drop by Vigan again. It was only after two years, this December, that I had the opportunity to visit Vigan again and I made sure that I have it when I get back to Manila. John wanted two, unfortunately, there was only one available and I got it just the same.

Horse copy

There it is! It’s a horse ‘figurine’ made of steel. It used to be a prominent embellishment on hoods of ‘jeepneys’ which the Philippines is known for. At present, it appears that this ‘icon’ is already a thing of the past. I was thinking of the reason why John liked it aside from the fact that it may be a good conversation piece appropriate for the living room. I’m sure it does not look good on his vespa!

HPIM3049 copy

To John and Benz, Thank you very much for all good deeds you have done for me (and my family) all through these years!!! 




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6 Responses to My one simple gift to two good friends this Holiday!

  1. sistah says:

    Of course not,John-I was gonna say you took after Benz and Kite???? ha ha ha! But you’re a cool guy,nevertheless. Torn got you a horse?

  2. Benz Rana says:

    You’re welcome and thanks to you too for all the favors you did for us. Thanks for the horse.

    Have a happy new year to you and your family!

    Hey sistah, just John? hahaha

    Best wishes for this new year Sistah, Jonjon, Tasyo & Jac 🙂

  3. Jake says:

    happy new year lakay! komustakan?

  4. jonjon says:

    merry you , John and Benz..

    nice story to tell… 😉

  5. Tasyo says:

    you almost brought me to tears there torn! and merry christmas to you!

    john, you look really good – you’re a STALLION! … now, upload those darn post-christmas pix! 🙂

  6. sistah says:

    John looks really cute in this photo> No,really-why would I lie to you? Merry Christmas to you both!

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