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Pinakbet: The Dish and a ‘Rap!’ Atbp!

Ilocano’s serve their visitors, either “Pinakbet” or “Dinengdeng” for meals, because these are two of our basic dishes. That is understandable because the Region is basically agricultural, thus, veggies are abundant. Cooking Pinakbet have spread to different provinces all throughout … Continue reading

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Sta. Monica Parish Museum: Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

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Sarrat, Ilocos Norte is popular for two reasons. One, it’s the birthplace of President Ferdinand Marcos and two, the Parish Church, Sta Monica, is where his daughter Irene got married in June of 1983. Unknown to many, however, an equally … Continue reading

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“Pista Ng Sto. Nino” in San Beda

The “Pista Ng Sto. Nino” in San Beda, which coincides with its College Fair, Frolics, is held every last weekend of January. For alumni’s, attending the procession of the “Sto. Nino” is not only a venue to express their faith, … Continue reading

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A Scoot Named “Skeleton Jog”

In the 80’s, “Poro Point” in SanFernando La Union and the neighboring province of Ilocos Sur became popular for motorists as a place to get scooters at a very low price. It was the entry point of scooters coming from … Continue reading

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A Provincial Life: Featuring the “Kuribot”

In Ilocos, the kuribot is a native basket weaved from bamboo in different sizes with a handle on one side and carried over the shoulder. The underbelly of the bamboo is usually used because it’s more flexible (to meet the … Continue reading

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Rotating Marian Image in Quezon City, PHI

A 30-foot image of “Mary, Regina Rosarii: Our Lady in the City” stands on top of the 5-Storey D’Regina Building at No. 70, Scout Fernandez, Barangay Laging Handa in Quezon City (easily accessible from Tomas Morato Avenue). It is claimed … Continue reading

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A Tribute to “Tatang” Everywhere

This post is a tribute to the typical Ilocano father (we call him ‘Tatang’ in our dialect) in a typical Rural Ilocos setting. From the break of dawn, Tatang thinks of nothing and do nothing but farming to provide his … Continue reading

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Innocence of a Child

Capturing a child’s face, in whatever expression, is one of the most beautiful subjects not only because they come out good, most often, but also because it freezes their precious innocence. As they grow, these images will remind them of their childhood … Continue reading

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Test Shots!

Here are some ‘macro’ test shots on my new Lumix using its built-in 35-mm lens on macro mode. While they came out good, it could have been better (I know!) if I used the corresponding macro lens. The subject could have … Continue reading

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Laoag City’s ‘Christmasterpiece’

The images that you see below are the first set of pictures I have taken using a new ‘digicam’ given as a gift last Christmas from Ron and Amy. Big thanks to both of you guys for (always) condoning what … Continue reading

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More Images of Vigan and Preview of Laoag by Night

Here are the other images I failed to upload in my previous entry:

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Long Drive to Ilocos after Two Years!

18 December 2006. Five-o’clock A.M. It has been two years since I last drive to Ilocos. Having a 112-months old car, driving long distance during the day may no longer be as secured and as confident as driving the same … Continue reading

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