Laoag City’s ‘Christmasterpiece’

The images that you see below are the first set of pictures I have taken using a new ‘digicam’ given as a gift last Christmas from Ron and Amy. Big thanks to both of you guys for (always) condoning what I enjoy better, however alien to what I’m suppose to be doing! 🙂

Laoag City’s ‘Christmaspiece’ last year was so impressive! It reflected the culture of the City and the whole Ilocos Region. It was so massive that is occupied the whole extent of the public plaza in front of the Provincial Capitol of Ilocos Norte from one end to the other. The structures, dioramas and decorations to the minutest details were all made of local materials such as bamboo, hay, corn/coconut husk and various dried leaves, complemented by wrappers of Unilever products. At night, it lights up so beautifully with over a thousand bulbs encased in mayonnaise bottles, consistent with the Christmas campaign of Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise every season.



More images on the next page.






The ‘Pamulinawen Fountain’ was covered by this huge bamboo structure so gracefully done and transforms to a world of enchantment at night! 







More images on the next page.









When the Lady’s Choice Christmasterpiece was launched in 2005, Laoag City was one of the Silver Awardees.The town of Appari (Cagayan Valley), San Fernando City (La Union) and the municipality of Solsona (Ilocos Norte) were among the Bronze Awardees.

Postscript: Days after I have taken these images, a portion of the whole display was gutted by fire! According to initial investigation, it may have been caused by some irresponsible people who may have recklessly thrown a lighted cigarette. Tsk! Tsk! Bad! Bad!


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8 Responses to Laoag City’s ‘Christmasterpiece’

  1. liz cabie says:

    Thank you for sharing. your are very good taking photos your are very creative and the information you shared are very helpful.

  2. Torn says:

    Yes! Indeed! I don’t know why it didn’t win the grand prize. 😦

  3. tricia says:

    me and my friends took lots of pics here..ganda kse..lalo na at night.. =)

  4. det says:

    Very beautiful Laoag city….. I want to visit it….

  5. Luckyemzkcin says:

    Laoag city’s christmasterpiece is indeed eye catching. The people of Laoag city was superb in building this obra. They are indeed creative and resourceful. Congratulations and I expect a more beautiful and awesome christmasterpiece next time.

  6. luap777 says:

    Nice photos on the site here. Please keep sharing those that show the places and culture of the Philippines. Some of the places have very few photos online.

  7. sistah says:

    How true can that be,Cyrus.Christmas in Ilocos or in the Philippines that is,stretches to such a long time that it also covers Semestral Break,All Souls & All Saint’s Days and eventually Valentine’s Day.
    makes me want to go home also.

  8. Cyrus says:

    Nice photos and great photography!
    Makes me want to visit Ilocos.

    I tell you, those “Christmasterpieces” demonstrate clearly the creativity of the Ilocanos.

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