Test Shots!

Here are some ‘macro’ test shots on my new Lumix using its built-in 35-mm lens on macro mode. While they came out good, it could have been better (I know!) if I used the corresponding macro lens. The subject could have been closer and the details more vivid!

If you grew-up in the province, like me, these wildflowers should be familiar and may even bring good and fun memories of your childhood. Let the nostalgia unfold. 🙂


More images on the next page.  



More at the next page.









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One Response to Test Shots!

  1. sistah says:

    How can a simple flower be captured so beautifully! I remember one of these flowers.A few hundred years ago,when I was a kid,we use to stick them in our earlobes and pretend they’re earrings.It works for a few minutes then they fall off.Well,I am about 430 years old now…LOL!

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