Innocence of a Child

Capturing a child’s face, in whatever expression, is one of the most beautiful subjects not only because they come out good, most often, but also because it freezes their precious innocence. As they grow, these images will remind them of their childhood and hopefully will make them better persons by always looking back how they were as carefree tiny cutties!

Here are some images of my two other “kaanakan’s” (Ilocano word for pamangkin’s/nephew/niece), Chanel (3 years-old) and Chanz, (5 years-old), children of my sister Christine and her husband Mario. These were taken during ‘siesta’ last December in a ‘bahay kubo’ in their backyard in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.



More images on the next page.


Children are fun. Being a child should be better. But it is best that when you grow up, reminiscing your childhood through pictures is one experience one may never trade. That, I never had, until I was seven. 😦


Jordan, for example, have vivid memories of his younger years, from the time he was born, until now that he is already seven. He always browse his photo album and we told stories behind his pictures for him to appreciate each and every moment captured which he can carry on as he grow older.


Here is Chanz, who have been reputed to be ‘unruly’ especially when he had tantrums when he was younger, but have ‘refined’ lately, maybe in keeping with his being a “manong” (older brother) to Chanel.



“The child will grow older and his world will expand.
He will watch flowers in bloom and examine the sky.
You have watched as he first learns to crawl and then stand.
If you watch closely you can see his mind asking questions like why.”
(Courtesy of author’s den)


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One Response to Innocence of a Child

  1. sistah says:

    Through the eyes of a child,the world is perfect.And,how I wish to live in that world even just for a short length of time. Children come to this world as blank paper,and then-the people who are most influential to them write onthat paper-and that’s who they grow up to be.

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