A Tribute to “Tatang” Everywhere

This post is a tribute to the typical Ilocano father (we call him ‘Tatang’ in our dialect) in a typical Rural Ilocos setting. From the break of dawn, Tatang thinks of nothing and do nothing but farming to provide his family decent meals, three times a day.

The images uploaded here are converted to ‘black and white’ with a dash of color, mostly in neutral shades (I got little help from Photoshop and in my online tutorial on digital imaging) which truly reflects life in rural Ilocos – simple.

The image sequencing starts with Tatang preparing to go to the farm until he retires at the end of the day. To complement each photo, I have inserted quotations of a simple poem I have written inspired by my father who spent most of his life in the farm before he died.

To every Tatang everywhere, and to my beloved Dad in Heaven, this is all for you…

“As the sun rises, it’s time prepare.
All things to be done for the family all day.”


Continued on the next page.

“Headed to the farm, his sanctuary, his life…”


“To reap his harvest when ready for the knife.”

banana flower2

“Feed the body from the fruits of his labor…”

“Then goes back to his refuge to work for some more.”

“He is a child no longer who can always play…”

“And he doesn’t want to be wasted, at the end of the day.”
water system

“Then it’s time to retire, just like the birds in the sky…”
bird house

“Rest the tired body, sit down and take a while.”

“Together with his soul it’ll soon be still…”

“For tomorrow is a new day to do God’s will!”


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7 Responses to A Tribute to “Tatang” Everywhere

  1. elsa says:

    Nice pics huh, it reminds me of my childhood days especially my Father….

  2. Torn says:

    Sure Gloria, my pleasure! Send me the images you want to be done. PM me. Urayek wen! – that is to make up for inadvertently not attenting the summit! Hehe! Sowee! 😦

  3. GLORIA REMO says:

    Artistically done….Can you do this in D’Coral Beach REsort in Currimao….

  4. GLORIA REMO says:


  5. jonjon says:

    ang galing mo tol…bilib ako sa photoshop skills mo..gleng gleng!

  6. sistah says:

    Even the cow with the jewelry looks pretty,it is a Miss Cow?

  7. sistah says:

    This post says everything about simple rural living.It is very beautifully done and expressed so fully with the photos.I love the photography!!!

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