A Provincial Life: Featuring the “Kuribot”

In Ilocos, the kuribot is a native basket weaved from bamboo in different sizes with a handle on one side and carried over the shoulder. The underbelly of the bamboo is usually used because it’s more flexible (to meet the demands of weaving) while it provides the same strength that the outer skin may do.

two boys

See more use and images of the kuribot in the next page.

The kuribot is an all-purpose, heavy duty basket with infinite use and boundless possibilities. Mostly, it is used by farmers to carry their harvests or weeds to feed their animals. It can also be used as storage for anything or even a waste basket.

hanging kuribot_A

hanging kuribot_B


My nephew, Chanz, has a small kuribot made for him to store his toys and it’s very useful and handy. During playtime, he pulls his kuribot, take out his toys and after playtime, he shoots his toys to his kuribot, and bwoala! – the place in clean in seconds! No stress! 🙂





You like to have one? Let me know! 🙂


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10 Responses to A Provincial Life: Featuring the “Kuribot”

  1. Es says:

    Hi. Are you still making those kuribots? Perhaps you know elsewhere manufacturing it. I just need some of it. Please email me at weasuncion@gmail.com if you have info. Hope to hear from you asap.

  2. Elena says:

    Today i have invited my friend and her grandson in my house, while our Balongs were playing outside with our watchful eyes on them,through our french door while we sat down and browsing in the internet.We met not long ago and we were getting to know each other more we talked about our places.. She came from Cagayan and I came from Ilocos. I like browsing and looking places in the Philippines and we have tried,Cagayan… she was so please to see her place in the internet, and she was amazed how many you can see in the internet these days.though we had not much time together to go further, I did continue again this evening searching about Cagayan,bec. I like History as well… and I came to see this picture of children with “KURIBOT”AND MY HUSBAND WERE WATCHING TELEVISION NEARBY so i called Him and said emotionally,come and have a look this picture!!!It reminds my childhood 30 years ago I used to go and collect grass for our animals, rain or shine in the muddy fields or slippery hill,my children has different upbringing but i am always proud to show this photos to them.PROUD BEING ILOKANO WITH KURIBOT ON OUR BACK…WELL DONE…THANKS FOR THIS PICTURES…

  3. Torn says:

    Hi Tricia, I dunno if you can share the pix you have in the comment column. If you want you can email me together with a short story, no, (joke!) rather a short article regarding your experience about the kuribot and I will upload it here. C’mon be my guest blogger as a follow up to the kuribot post here. Alan! Thx!!! It would be my pleasure having you write a post here. 🙂 Email me at biagkensiak@gmail.com

  4. tricia says:

    share ko sana the pic i took sa museo but i dont know how..=(

  5. tricia says:

    hahaha..it was just sitting there kse and all i knew was it’s used whenever they “gabut” the “ruot” sa farm..haha.. =)

  6. Torn says:

    Hi Tricia! Wen! That is the KURIBOT!!! No Ilocano wouldn’t know it ha! 🙂

  7. tricia says:

    i took a pic of a kuribot in museo ilocos norte..sabi ko sa sarili ko, “kuribot pla tawag dun,” haha..kse marami kaming ganyan dito sa bahay.. =)

  8. jonjonbarros says:

    ang ganda ng pics

  9. sistah says:

    Aaaaah…the kuribot! It is so multi purpose.I remember hiding in it when I was small 430 years ago….

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