A Scoot Named “Skeleton Jog”

In the 80’s, “Poro Point” in SanFernando La Union and the neighboring province of Ilocos Sur became popular for motorists as a place to get scooters at a very low price. It was the entry point of scooters coming from China and Taiwan (short of saying smuggled!) known in the Region as “chop-chop.” It is believed that these scooters are smuggled out from the place of origin and assembled while being shipped to the place of destination, thus the name. Through the years, however, the practice has died down and already inexistent at the moment. This is attributable to affordable prices of scooters everywhere, less the hassle of acquiring smuggled goods! Until now, however, they still refer to scooters in Ilocos as “chop-chop” even when acquired from a legal distributor.

In my latest stay in Ilocos last December, I first saw in the public plaza, a scooter with a form so unconventional because it was all skeleton! I wanted to take a photo that very moment but it was moving. I was not left without nothing though, because it was then I realized why some scoots are referred to as “skeletons.” Honestly, I don’t know if it is offensive to scoot owners with the same kind, but in all candor, I am sharing here with you why I was able to answer a question that remained unanswered until I saw it – that is, why are some scoots referred to as skeletons!


When I went home that day, I saw the same scooter pass by our place and little did I know that it was our neighbor. I was excited to take a photo but the owner seemed aloft and I never had a good chance to chat with him until my last day, without even having the decency of knowing his name, because all I wanted was an image of his scoot.  I eventually had the chance to take some photos of his scoot which he named as Skeleton Jog (I didn’t even ask who or what “jog” means)! It’s original form is not what you see here. It was with all the proper casing (if you call it that way!) but in time, they have been detached for the scoot to have a different look. It could have looked better if it was wel-maintained.

Presenting…Skeleton Jog!!!




Postcript: After writting this article, I researched on these kinds of scoots to see if alluding to them as “skeletons” is offensive. I found out that there are even better versions of it, but I still don’t know if calling them as such is improper. If it is, my apologies, but that’s how the owner called his scoot.

Check out this Jog70cc in almost the same form as presented here, described in a forum as the pride of Ilocos Norte!

Happy Scooting!!!


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2 Responses to A Scoot Named “Skeleton Jog”

  1. Torn says:

    Hehe! Good observation you got there! I will tell the owner! 🙂

  2. djmichaeljay says:

    cool… ibagam to tay makin bike manong…ipa align nanto dayta disk break na! hehehehe

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