“Pista Ng Sto. Nino” in San Beda

The “Pista Ng Sto. Nino” in San Beda, which coincides with its College Fair, Frolics, is held every last weekend of January. For alumni’s, attending the procession of the “Sto. Nino” is not only a venue to express their faith, but also a good upportunity to attend homecoming’s and to meet batchmate’s whom they have not seen or communicated to for several years.

pista banner

Today, Sunday, I attended the morning mass at the Our Lady of Monserrat Chapel (better known as San Beda Chapel), before the “Sto. Nino” (the Patron of the school) is brought down from the alter for the procession in the afternoon. (Note: Please click ‘small’ images to enlarge in various sizes.)


I have taken some images of the morning mass as well as the procession in the afternoon, which I am sharing here with you. For fellow Bedans who were not able to attend, you may recognize familiar faces, and for others ( who are equally important to me 🙂 ), I am sharing here a tradition which San Beda have alumni’s keep coming back at least once a year!

Here are images in the Morning Mass at San Beda Chapel:





Here are images of the afternoon procession:













To all who have appeared in the images I have aploaded, my gratitude!!!


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8 Responses to “Pista Ng Sto. Nino” in San Beda

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi may I use your photos as part of a poster intended for San Beda Pista ng Sto. Nino poster? Here’s my email address: nicaginez22@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  2. luap777 says:

    Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  3. sistah says:

    The Lumix has been a very good friend…

  4. korrina korrina says:

    Was just talking to you on Sunday,wasn’t I?Was that before the mass? The photos are nice-as I always say.the Ati Atihan thing,how can I do that dance? he he he…

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