Sta. Monica Parish Museum: Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

Sarrat, Ilocos Norte is popular for two reasons. One, it’s the birthplace of President Ferdinand Marcos and two, the Parish Church, Sta Monica, is where his daughter Irene got married in June of 1983.

Unknown to many, however, an equally interesting structure is the ruins of what I understand to be a “trial/court building” during the Spanish Era. It was only in 1997 that the structure was restored to its present state as a Parish Museum.

The marker of the Museum reads: “The Sta. Monica Parish Museum is a repository of artifacts and memorabilia that dates back to the construction of the Church edifice in 1779, was established in 1993 on the initiative of then the parish priest, dedicated to the Bishop of Laoag. It was completed in 1997 through the generosity of the Kannawidan Foundation, Inc. – The Iloko Foundation for Arts and Culture, an organization dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the people of Ilocos Norte.”

What is interesting about the ruins is that only a small portion of the ground floor houses some old images of the Church and some antique religious images which are virtually unnoticeable. Just above the enclosed museum serves as a convent which I personally is quite concerned.

Once you go inside the ruins, you are transported back in time and left wondering and wandering what actually went on each side and every chamber of this huge structure. The first time I went in, I felt “peace” because the place is wide, so bright and so quite, complemented with high-rise walls that seem to connect to the sky so gracefully. That’s what I felt until I pass by a chamber with a sign that reads: “death chamber by garrote!” But that was a part of the tour, not to mention that I was the only inside that time!

For photographers, the ruins is a very good location for pictorials, not only because it provides a perfect background which reflects Ilocos and history as a whole but also because there’s not much people going in. For the three times that I visited the place, I felt I own it!


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13 Responses to Sta. Monica Parish Museum: Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I have the contact numbers of the office of Sta. Monica Church, Sarrat Ilocos Norte

  2. Victoria says:

    I wish they would clean up and cement the paths/floors. it’s quite dusty and dingy when I went there last year. 😦

    they might think about making home industry for the folks there such as handcrafted Ilocano souvenirs for tourists.

  3. Raymundo Addun says:

    could you tell me when the structure was constructed please?

    • YlocanaBelle says:

      “The Sta. Monica Church, convent and bell tower began construction in 1669 and were completed in 1679. Rebuilt after a fire in 1817, the complex was again damaged by fire in 1882 but was rebuilt and finished in June 1896.

      The ruins of Sta. Monica Church in Sarrat include a torture room where two huge brick-encrusted pillars dominate. Melvin dela Cuesta, a Filipino historian, said these pillars were used during the Spanish regime to hang Filipinos accused of treason and other high crimes.”

  4. MaynilaBelle says:

    love your photos of the Sarrat ruins. I now live in Ilocos Norte and am doing some armchair travelling thru your pics. soon I’ll be taking some myself. thanks for sharing and in the process promoting/preserving our national heritage even if only thru photographs.

  5. passing by says:

    good pictures.

  6. aileen says:

    ang ganda po tlaga ng place,lalo npo sa Sta. Monica museum. actually nka punta na po ko jan, 2yrs ago, isinama q ng BF ko na tga jan sa sarrat, but now his my husband. sobra ang ganda ng place nyo…I really appreciete it!

  7. richard says:

    hi manong!!! sobrang gaganda po ng kuha nyo… I LOVE IT!!!!

  8. spanishpinay says:

    nagpipintas dagitoy ala yo nga pictures …nagmayat pay daytoy nga site yo apo…

  9. Torn says:

    Oi, Djmichaeljay, glad you came by again. I’m surrently using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7. Re Photoshop, I seldom use it on Lumix except those under my Photoart category here.

  10. djmichaeljay says:

    hello manong “cagustin”… memver rak ti INOL.. i love your pieces! nagpintas dagitoy pictures mo… naka kli clear! ana ti us usarem a camera? do you process them at photoshop?

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