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Last Shots.

Here are some images from the last set of shots I did using my Lumix camera before it was stolen (1) (2). These images were taken on 2-20-06, three days before I lost it to thieves! Inspired by a Photography … Continue reading

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Update on Theft: I already felt Violated. And now Insulted.

It has been three days. I miss my camera but I got a new mobile courtesy of Amy. Huge Thx! My efforts to recover (at least) the camera and the sim card have no substantial development yet, but I am … Continue reading

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I was Broken Into: A Shot at Recovery!

For me, there are five (material) things which I may not live without: my mobile phone, laptop, car, camera, and wallet. Two nights ago, I lost two, my mobile phone and the digicam, to thieves, right inside my apartment, right … Continue reading

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Being called “BALONG!” Very Ilocano. Very Meaningful.

Today, as I read some comments, I came across comments (1 , 2) made by Manong Luis Beltran, originally from Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte, who have been living abroad for 30 years now! I honestly feel how “homesick” he is, but … Continue reading

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Kids of Ilocos!

Here is my first “concious” attempt to take portraits of kids. Most of it were taken after a kid’s birthday party in Ilocos where they become quite restless! I had a difficult time capturing their genuine expressions because they were … Continue reading

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More Test Shots: Close Up (not Macro)

I made a mistake in previously calling my test shots in a earlier post as “macros” where, in fact, technically, they are merely classified as “close up” shots. In the strictest sense, macro shots must be 1:1 ratio. Most compact … Continue reading

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Reflections of a River Resort

Ilocos (Norte) is not just beaches! If you want to try fresh water, then the river resort in Sarrat is a good alternative. It only comes ‘alive’ though during the dry season, which is about December to May. Images here … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Ilocos Royal Bibingka

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The Ilocos Royal Bibingka is one delicacy that Ilocos is proud of and every visitors’ must try. It has a decent packaging, a good shelf-life, and very affordable price [Php 105.00 a dozen, or so] which make it very ideal … Continue reading

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Ilocos: It’s always good to come back!

Here’s another entry of a Guest Blogger, Elmar, a friend since College. He first came to Ilocos in 1993, and since then, he kept coming back, sometimes, on his own. Surprise! Elmar is here! But what can you do, he’s … Continue reading

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Winners of Christmasterpiece 2006: Laoag City is Third Place

Fourty-three (43) Cities and Municipalities all over the country participated. They built their own Christmasterpieces inspired by their respective culture and tradition. Used indigenous materials and adorned with hundreds and thousands of Lady’s Choice Mayo bottles as Christmas lights. Many have been … Continue reading

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The “Tabungaw,” “Upo” or Gourd Hat!

“Tabungaw,” in Ilocano, “Upo” in Filipino, (White) Gourd in English, is a vegestable-crop that can be made into a hat which Ilocano’s are famous for. It is unfortunate, however, that the art of making the “gourd hat” is now a … Continue reading

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There are two versions of the Ilocos Empanada. One is the VIGAN EMPANADA, in Ilocos Sur, and the other is the BATAC or LAOAG EMPANADA, in Ilocos Norte. The latter is more known and always referred to as the “Ilocos Empanada” in … Continue reading

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