Winners of Christmasterpiece 2006: Laoag City is Third Place

Fourty-three (43) Cities and Municipalities all over the country participated. They built their own Christmasterpieces inspired by their respective culture and tradition. Used indigenous materials and adorned with hundreds and thousands of Lady’s Choice Mayo bottles as Christmas lights. Many have been called, but in the end, only three emerged as winners (compared to 2005 where there were “several” bronze and silver winners).

The “Christmas Wonderland” theme of Laoag City captured the third place:


For the second place, it went to San Jacinto, Pangasinan’s “Christ-mais(corn) Tree”  with thousands of bottle bulbs painted with yellow which look like corn kernels:


For the grand prize, it went to Morong, Rizal’s “Dambanang Kawayan”  which is a scale-down replica of the town’s Church in bamboo and used bottle bulbs as balusters and tips of bamboo filials:


Laoag City have been figuring as a consistent awardee since the project started in 2005. Looking forward to winning the grand prize next time! 🙂

Postcript: See all entries for Christmasterpiece 2006 HERE, which provided the photo’s for “Christ-mais Tree” and “Dambanang Kawayan” uploaded here.


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