Ilocos: It’s always good to come back!

Here’s another entry of a Guest Blogger, Elmar, a friend since College. He first came to Ilocos in 1993, and since then, he kept coming back, sometimes, on his own. Surprise! Elmar is here! But what can you do, he’s already on the doorsteps! He was always welcomed though! 🙂


Read on…


It’s good to be back in Ilocos (Norte) after two years! Since 1993, I have visited almost all (more) popular places and tasted all (as in all, including the more exotic one’s!) cuisine that the place can offer. I have explored Ilocos (Norte) already (yes, I can say that!) and since then, I kept coming back. It came to a point that I go Ilocos no longer to visit different places, but more of wanting to be away from Manila-life for a while; think nothing and do nothing but to wait for the next meal, wait for bedtime and wake up anytime, with food ready on the table!



My “regular” visit to Ilocos was cut sometime 2004 because of busy schedule. It was only this first week of February that I found time to take an off from work and even for a short 3-days vacation, it was worth it! Torn went ahead to attend to some personal concerns and I followed 2 days after. We went back to Manila together via Cebu Pacific c/o Amy. Thanks!



I may have experienced almost everything about Ilocos but I will definitely come back again, and again. I made a promise to myself to go with Torn this coming Holy Week because I really miss the drinking session over “insarabasab” (roasted goat meat seasoned seasoned with salt, onions and ginger) that I and Torn had with some good neighbors on our last night, in the coldest season of the year! Bitin!



Thx, Elmar, for making this write-up and consenting to be my guest blogger for this entry. ‘Til our next Ilocos adventure and more! 🙂


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