Reflections of a River Resort

Ilocos (Norte) is not just beaches! If you want to try fresh water, then the river resort in Sarrat is a good alternative. It only comes ‘alive’ though during the dry season, which is about December to May.


Images here are taken in the morning, before guests arrive and I had the full freedom to take every shots. The resort was serene and walking the 2-kilometer’s of riverbanks, with bamboo footbridge leading to the cottages made of light materials at the center of the river, reflected in the clear waters of the river was so peaceful.

river resort3

If you want to commune with nature for a while, it is advisable that you go early in the morning, before guests in “jeeploads” arrive on or about 10 A.M. – that may be the best moment one may have in the resort because when visitors start to arrive and start the “videoke” which is offered by almost all cottages, you may immediately decide to leave! They sing at full volume which can be heard from one end of the resort to another even until 2 A.M. It’s fun though 🙂

river resort2

You must also bring your own food and drinks and everything you need like water and ice. They have “carinderia’s” but basically unrealiable because they serve more of “pulutan” than meals. Comfort rooms are makeshift, so you may want to delay your “call of nature” until you get home, unless you are the “who cares” type! By the way, the water is not deep and the current is not dangerous which makes it child-friendly. There have been no incidents of drowing that I know.


rr signeage

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4 Responses to Reflections of a River Resort

  1. says:
  2. Torn says:

    LoL! It has been changed to “otso-otso!” 🙂

  3. kortina kortina says:

    I miss the River Resort.I still remember the Ang Saya-saya!

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