More Test Shots: Close Up (not Macro)

I made a mistake in previously calling my test shots in a earlier post as “macros” where, in fact, technically, they are merely classified as “close up” shots. In the strictest sense, macro shots must be 1:1 ratio. Most compact digicams have macro mode but they do not necessarily deliver a good 1:1 ratio, but when used, then any shot made using this mode may be loosely referred to as “macro.”

In view thereof, I am sharing here with you some close up images taken in Ilocos using the macro mode:

blooming euforbia
(Blooming Euforbia)

jar copy
(Vigan Jar)

More images on the next page!

red euforbia
(Euforbia in Full Bloom)

ice candy decor copy
(Decors made of ‘colored’ water in ice candy wrapper!)



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2 Responses to More Test Shots: Close Up (not Macro)

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  2. kortina kortina says:

    what can i say? nagpipinatas ta pituren!

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