I was Broken Into: A Shot at Recovery!

For me, there are five (material) things which I may not live without: my mobile phone, laptop, car, camera, and wallet. Two nights ago, I lost two, my mobile phone and the digicam, to thieves, right inside my apartment, right beside me sleeping!!!

Some may find it funny or stupid to tell about it, but I am sharing this horrible experience, for whatever reason it may serve, for anyone and for me to better one’s security, even inside your abode, even within a seemingly secured place like Malacanang Compound.

Because of the onset of the summer, I took out the cushion of my bed to the living area two nights ago, to get some more air. I slept with the TV on and the “sign-off” sound of the TV woke me up. I put the TV off and checked the time at my mobile phone (which is always beside me when I sleep) and it was 1:00 o’clock in the morning.

Everytime I wake up, I always check the time at my mobile. When I woke up that day, at about 5:00 o’clock A.M., I cannot locate my mobile. I stood up and look for it under the blanket and pillows but it was nowhere. I did not have a hint that I already lost it. I presumed that it’s just somewhere around the bed. When I went to the dining which is some few steps from where I slept, I noticed that the laptop was there in the same position I left the night before. However, I noticed that the digicam is not in the table as I was also reading its manual before I went to bed.

I had already a hint that I may have been broken into but still, more positive thoughts played in my mind, thinking that Elmar, my good friend and neighbor may have tricked on me or may have got inside in the night and borrowed the digicam because he was going to Baguio on the weekend. I realized that I was merely on denial and fact was, they have already been stolen!

I immediately went to Elmar’s and told him what happened. He came to my place and I borrowed his mobile to make some SMS. I texted my immediate family to tell them that my mobile and digicam were stolen, and that in case they receive a text or call from my number, then it’s not me. They all called and I have to tell them what happened. After that, I did the SOP of reporting it to the Police and the Barangay. The laptop, my wallet, and the car were intact, together with all the accessories of the mobile and digicam.

The thief came inside using the main door. My main door has a decoy window, where the door knob can be reached through it when opened. Nothing was broken, there was not even a force employed because the decoy window did not have any lock which was a real pleasure for the thief. He even closed the decoy window and locked the door when he got out.

When I settled a bit, I was preoccupied thinking of the loss, but little did I know that what could have happened if I moved in bed or woke up at the very moment that he was having his time inside the house?! Yes, I may have lost two of my important possessions but I should also be thankful he left unharmed!

It may take sometime before I get over this scary experience. In the meantime, I am doing everything to recover even just my SIM Card and Digicam. There are good developments regarding my effort to recover and I hope it will go as I anticipate it to be.

I am giving a shot to recover what I can, and if nothing happens, then I will take it from there.


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4 Responses to I was Broken Into: A Shot at Recovery!

  1. oh my God…. that’s a wake up call for me! i usually leave my windows open when i go to work…. any clues yet? what kind of digicam was it?

  2. Torn says:

    Thx Jon and Sistah! You somehow make it easier…Thx!

  3. sistah says:

    Jonjon is right and I could not agree more.What is important is you’re not harmed.Things are just things-they can be replaced.But life? It is irreplaceable.

    I am glad you did not wake up.Now,take one day at a time. This is such a bad experience but No…do not let it bind you.

    I hope you have a good shot at recovery.

  4. jonjonbarros says:

    ang mahalaga…e hindi ka nila ginising..at pinahimbing ka sa pagtulog..hayaan mo na yang nawala..ang importante..your alive..

    ang mga bagay na yun..mapapalitan..ikaw nde…NAKS!

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