Update on Theft: I already felt Violated. And now Insulted.

It has been three days. I miss my camera but I got a new mobile courtesy of Amy. Huge Thx! My efforts to recover (at least) the camera and the sim card have no substantial development yet, but I am talking to two females in my old number for a possible return. As of the moment though, there is no clear and final talks yet.

The morning after the theft, we tried calling my old number and somebody answered, a male which we presumed to be in his 20’s with a baby crying on the background. Asked where I was, he answered, I went out. Everytime we call, that was his dialogue then puts off the phone. Sometimes, a female answers which I presumed to be the wife.

I was concious of not intimidating them and I even texted them that I need just the camera and the sim card for a cash reward, if they wish to. I made quite a number of SMS of the same import but they never replied. If I call my old mobile, it rings, sometimes, it’s off.

Having given up on texting them, I asked someone to text in my old number regarding how a “huge” amount of money will be sent to me, because I never answer back calls or reply SMS. Immediately, they “missed call” the person whom I asked to make the “urgent” SMS as well as the phone that I was temporarily using.

I called back and somebody answered. Female. I immediately infomed her that the phone she was using was mine and it was stolen. She said, the phone is not with her, only the sim card (Duh!) and the camera! I became excited not because I can have it back soon but because there’s just, maybe, a chance of recovery.

The girl I was talking to appears to be serious on returning the camera and the sim card (no longer the celfone because she told me it was not with her – that I didn’t believe) because they did not know that it was stolen when sold to them (And so she says!) and that they are in Novaliches and she will talk to her husband when he comes home from “pasada.”

When we talked again, she told me that the husband did not want the idea of returning it even with what they have paid, which I clearly remember it to be Php 3,000.00, as she said. The husband, according to her, beter re-sell it to someone else, rather than giving it to whom it was stolen. She assured me though that she will make a way for me to recover the camera and the sim card, I just have to return what they have paid. And so, her plan was, her “sister” will buy it from them but the purchase money shall come from me, which I understood it to be Php 3T. That was fine with me, I just told her, how, when, and where. She said whe will talk to her “sister” first, then she’ll let me know. She even requested me not to text or call her on my old number because the husband may discover her plan. I obliged.

The next day, I did not receive any communication from their end and so I texted them, following-up the agreed plan. I received a text telling me that the husband does not really like the idea, so I called and told her that if the plan fails, I willnext steps necessary.

Last night, I received a text from my old number telling me to call and so I did. Fortunately, I was at the Police Station, thus, I put the conversion on loudspeaker for the police to confirm what I was reporting to them. I found out that the one I was talking to, a female, is not the one was originally coordinating with. She was telling me that her help was asked by the person I was talking to earlier because they are scared something might happen to them if they return. I assured her, as I always did, that I just want my camera and my sim card back, period. As usual, no final plan.

The next day, today, I was asked to call again a “landline” and when I called, I was surprised that I was calling a “bank” in Ortigas, and now I was talking to someone with a name! She is the one I was talking to at the Police Station last night. She was willing to meet up first without the things to be returned and I said there’s no need. If we meet up, I will have the money, you must have the things too, in a place on her discretion. I never asked the “ransom” (Damn!) amount because what I was expecting was P 3T as originally represented by the first female I was talking to. But the girl I was talking to now said, the people she is negotiating for bought the for P6T, not P3T!!! That made me decide to make a slight threat that if they will not proceed as planned, I will take my next step of going legal by reporting it to the Police first and invite for investigation the person I am talking to, because now I have a lead as to who she is and where she works. I told her that they better talk seriously as to the return of what I wanted under the original plan if they don’t want to have bigger problem, even if they say that they were only purchasers. She said, we will talk again tonight. I am waiting for that. Can’t wait.

I was the one whose privacy and security was violated, and yet with how they negotiate, I feel very insulted. All I want is to get back my camera and sim card. I can forego with legal actions if they do that. I can only do so much. I do not have full control of the situation, if at all, only up to my reach, thus I leave the 50% to chance that better shall intercede.

I already have a suspects with the help of some good neighbors and I’m very sorry for this girl who tries to negotiate for them, she might just be dragged if they do not come up with a sensible plan to return.

I still hope for the best.

Postcript: The “decoy window” I was referring to is properly called “sash” which looks something like THIS. You better have good locks for a door like this onw. Thx for the clarification Sis! I also took some phone-camera shots of it but I cannot not upload it. I will do that when I can.


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One Response to Update on Theft: I already felt Violated. And now Insulted.

  1. kortina kortina says:

    I think they are giving you a run for your buck since they know now you are willing to buy it back.Stand your ground…play the cards and proceed to the next step according to the last development.

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