Last Shots.

Here are some images from the last set of shots I did using my Lumix camera before it was stolen (1) (2). These images were taken on 2-20-06, three days before I lost it to thieves! Inspired by a Photography Forum that one doesn’t neeed to go out to take good pictures, I gave it a try. They may not be as good but I am sharing them with you for “sentimental” reasons, aside from the fact that I got to clean these pieces, after sometime! 🙂

Here are some African-inspired candle holders made of wrought iron, beads and shells:




Here are tick-tack-toe pieces, which Jordan and I play when he comes to Manila:

Tiny Bird & Birdhouse

Tiny Birdhouses

Uploading my last set of photos taken with my stolen camera does NOT mean, however, that this is my last entry. No way! Madi kabsat!!! 🙂


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3 Responses to Last Shots.

  1. kortina kortine says:

    looking forward to more shots!

  2. Torn says:

    No substantial update pa eh. Para akong nag ra-ransom!!!

  3. bong says:

    any update on the negotiation?

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