The Message: What Could It Be.

For the past days after recovering my camera, I preoccupied myself with checking if all function buttons are working properly, including external connections. I am satisfied. However, because the thieves may have pushed the buttons to frenzy, my personal settings were reset. I have to reset it to Default and reset it all over again according to my personal settings, by going through all the function buttons, all over again.

I am sharing here with you the first set of shots taken after recovery and according to my personal settings:

tea cup_1

tea cup_2

tea cup_3

After I have recovered my (lost) camera (and mobile phone) to thieves, I felt like having a new one. It’s like a “second coming,” a “second wind.” I was asking my family and friends, what could be the message behind the recovery of all I lost, when all believed that it was almost beyond possibility of having them back.

tea jar_1

I always say that when something unfolds, especially events which are frowned upon, “everything happens with a purpose.” With this recent event, however, I have a difficult time figuring out a more intelligent message, more than being more vigilant on one’s safety even when at home.

tea jar_2

Whatever the message is, I thank God for making a way for me get back my lost things and for making me safe while going through it. God is Good!!!

tea jar_3


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5 Responses to The Message: What Could It Be.

  1. Lina says:

    I stumbled on this website while surfing the net. I am born in Ararri, Cagaun but I spent about 4 yrs in
    Ilocos Norte as I went to school there. II now live in Toronto, Ontario but I still go back and visit my friends
    everytime I go home. I am an avid fan of pinakebt and dinengdeng. My husband although he grew up here
    loves these 2 dishes. I am starting to get a liitle homesick watching your photographs. Good stuff!

  2. bong says:

    torn, i’m happy you got your lumix back!

    nice pix!

  3. dom lawrence says:

    hey constantine,
    i got ur latest URL in my link list….so, i dont get redirected always as i open your old one.

    so. i am glad that you were able to recover your cam… keep posting beautiful photos :)….

    keep in touch my friend!

  4. ned says:

    good kuya torn na narecover mo na camera u.i’m happy for you!galing talaga ni Lord,hehehe, ganda ng mga shots mo kuya,ano pla model ng camera mo? cge kuya more power and God Bless!

  5. sistah says:

    Amen on the settings and photografee,but where that little japanese serving the tea????

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