Pinakbet Pizza!

Care for a Pizza?

With “Pinakbet” toppings?

Wen Kabsat! That’s “Pinakbet Pizza!”

Especially for you . . .

Last weekend, I was watching the evening news over TV Patrol of ABS-CBN and it featured the Pinakbet Pizza of Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Can’t help but to capture (the news) on video and share it with you here.

I have previously featured the Pinakbet Rap, and here, the Pinakbet Pizza. The Pinakbet is continously evolving! What could be next? What about a Pinakbet Shake for summer ala?

Aguray Tayo!!! 🙂


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10 Responses to Pinakbet Pizza!

  1. Guten Tag, Das ist natürlich ein super Beitrag. Mit Abstand das beste, was ich heutzutage gelesen hab. Weiter so. Beste Grüße!

  2. piologs1482 says:


    am very thankful for your commments!!!

    Am happy to hear that from you all!!

    am one of the staff of Herencia Cafe were Pinakbet and Ilocandia Pizza (Ilocos Longgasisa) was Born only The Pride of paoay Ilocos Norte…

    Hope you can drop by and taste our very special and very exotic and native Pizza!!!

    Ag yaman kam unay kadakayo amin..

    Dios Ti ag ngina!!!

  3. lilibeth says:

    weeeh? i know that pinakbet is massssaaaaaraaaaaaaap, but pinakbet pizzaaaa..? i’ll just try it 1st, jeje

  4. Torn says:

    Hi Bill: Why not ask your lovy wife to make pinakbet pizza or adobo pizza! Thx for dropping by and see you again. 🙂

  5. Bill Packing says:

    I too like pinakbet very much. I my wife who is a Michigan(er) cooks pinakbet and adobo at least once a month.

  6. A Mary says:

    wohooo! i will definitely taste that when i go home!

  7. saraaappp naman nyan- naglaway ako dito- ..walang ganyan dito sa buong new mexico USA ehh.

  8. GLORIA REMO says:

    I watched this too….HE HE HE HE….I’ve thought of this already before…..In fact….ADOBO PIZZA is my latest ….try it …its really good…..

  9. sistah says:

    Pinakbet Pizza? I mean, hey-why not? Whatever works…I have tried vegetarian pizza with anchovies (bagoong nga monamon). What’s the difference?

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