Fire and Water: My (trying to) Comeback Post!

When I witnessed the two of the most powerful forces of nature meet, it was not disaster that I saw but pure talent for Fire-art (is there ever one like it?) and the serenity and tranquility of water that Mother Nature can ever provide!

Baton Thwirling_1

Tilapia Pond_1

I was invited by a good friend who incidentally is my transient housemate, to the Barrio Fiesta of San Basilio in Sta. Rita, Pampanga a month ago. I was hessitant to go because I know no one in their place except him. It could have been better if I stayed in a separate board but I have to stay with his in-laws (keeping in mind stories that I know about staying with in-laws, it was a definite no!). And so I negotiated. I was not going if I was alone. Hence, we invited another friend who readily hopped in the car with nothing for a 3-day vacation except what he was wearing!


It was a Fiesta, right, and I anticipated good food, Kapampangan’s being known to be good cooks. More than the food though, I was thinking more of having a “provincial respite,” not having gone to my oh-sooo beloved Ilocos for quite sometime now and I terribly miss it!

When we arrived at San Basilio, I was (a little) dismayed because the athmosphere was more of Manila than a Prov! Houses were cluttered with only the sidewalls serving as divisions in between the houses. People are all over walking and chatting, yelling and playing. It was a compound of a clan where houses face each other and bringing food, etc., to the next door is even less than an arms-length! I decided to sleep most of the time in the car – that was the best choice under the circumstances.

I know it is so ungrateful but I can’t help but to bash err to be honest! Afterall, it’s one of the priviledges of blogging! Bashing err Freedom to speak! My sincere apologies to our host, but its a fact!

Inspite of that though, I didn’t spend most of my in the car. We were invited by a neighbor to have a deep in their “swimming pool” which proved to compensate for the “ooh-soo-fiesta” accomodation.

We went to a “Palaisdaan” where they grow Tilipia. The swimming pool they were referring too is made of concrete sans the tiles. It is where they put Tilipia harvest for cleaning (with emphasis!) before they are brougth to the market! I forgot the real purpose of the pool once I went down: cold, clear, fresh water! Ahhh, soo refresssshing!!!




All of us forgot that it was lunchtime and no one wants to get something to eat. We catched some good-sized Tilipia (in the mud pond) the way it is done- spreading a fish net at the bottom of the pond and pulling the sides to the shallow water to catch the Tilapia! Unfortunately, no one dared to get a pix of us pulling the net, which was actually good because I rather not to see myself in my underwear deep in the mud, pulling a net! Duhh!

Our harvest went straight to the grill!!! With only the Tilapia and rice for lunch plus San Mig Lite for bev, I had one of my best lunch ever! Joke!!! 🙂

Grilled Tilapia

At night, we watch the Majorette/Baton Thwirling Competition at the Plaza and I was entertained with their moves and whatever they do with their batons! Here’s one which deserved my attention: Miss Talent!!!

Baton Thwirling_2

Baton Thwirling_3

Towards the end of my Fiesta vacation, the Water and Fire made a difference in my stay in San Basilio, Sta. Rita, Pampanga.


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9 Responses to Fire and Water: My (trying to) Comeback Post!

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  2. those kids have been drinking? wow. unbelievable….

  3. Torn says:

    MaryMae: Talaga lang ha! Hehe! Are you MaryMae “Reantillo” my bacthmate? Good to have you here…:)

    Luis: Kalding and Tilapia plus Pinakbet make a perfect treat for my comeback, huh! Hehe. Regards Luis!!!

  4. luis beltran says:

    I am home for the weekend and checked THE SITE. Wow, to my surprise you are back. Uncle, butcher the fattest kalding, Torn has returned!! You don’t know how much we miss you.. I love those pics, remind me of gone past, only it was sadiay rangtay and during the wet season when water is really high.. Thanks again!!!

  5. marymae says:

    wow! atlast nagsubli kan torn…kumpleton ti aldaw ko..i love ur shots.

  6. Torn says:

    MHTS: Hey, Kabsat, Thx for dropping by and appreciating the dive pix! I like that too!!!

    Annaise: Dios ti Aggnina! I know you know what it means…Aya! 🙂

  7. Annaise says:

    Very very nice coverage of Ilocos. I am part Ilocano myself. Not fluent with the language but I want to say a few words about your site… NaLAING! Napintas!

  8. MHTS says:

    Nice!!! Food Trip? Great lunch, and fresh “tinuno a tilapia”.

    I like those pictures. The third one (first group) is a good capture. The diver on the fly onto the still waters. Very nice.

  9. Torn says:

    ***dom OSB | | | IP:

    ey boy (i love to call you that–though constantine is a fine one too…-for me kasi you will remain to be a frend to me whose name boy i fondly call)…..thnks for updating….its been really awhile huh!…. so, goin to fiesta is still the best form of relating oneself to cultures of other folks in our very own pinas….so, how have you been doin my frend?…i subscribed in your feed and put it in my feedreader so i can always keep in touch with you thru your blog…. henry has not been updating his blog too—looks like he’s that busy now–its also been awhile since he last sent me an email—

    *** A copy paste of Dom OSB from theprevious post which I have re-written here due to technical difficulty in editing the post.

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