Basilika Ng Nazareno: A Leap & Lift of Faith

Tower of Basilika Ng Nazareno

So what is amazing if I go to Basilika Ng Nazareno in Quiapo (more popularly known as Quiapo Church)? It is not an insurmountable task to go anyway! Almost all jeepney routes pass by the Basilika making it effortless to drop by the Quiapo Church for anyone. That is if the need arises! 🙂

Fascade of Basilika Ng Nazareno

I have been going to the Basilika Ng Nazareno every Friday for two months now and for someone who have not gone to Church regularly every Sunday for 10 years, and have gone to the Basilika for only three times in my almost 20 years stay in Manila, it’s a huge leap lift of faith. Surprisingly, a self-discovery to find time every Friday to visit and pray to the Black Nazarene!

Entrance of Basilika Ng Nazareno I

Lady Praying at the Entrance of Basilika Ng Nazareno

Entrance of Basilika Ng Nazareno IIa

My gratitude to a good friend Carlito for introducing and accompanying me in going to the Basilika. Now, even without a church-partner, I can say that I can go alone and continue whatever I have started for myself. It is simply a nice feeling every Friday, being the feast day of the Black Nazarene, to renew and strengthen my faith, which, by the way, my family would be most happy to know!

Me at Basilika Ng Nazareno

Until now though, Carlito and I still go together because he drives, counterflows in one-way and finds good parking for free, everytime. Being a Manila Police, he claims that these are some of their small priviledges! (Hope the Manila Police Dep’t. doesn’t read this, otherwise, he is in hot seat!) You know how crowded the vicinity of the Basilika is every Friday, and to have Carlito around makes the visit hassle-free!

Inside Basilika Ng Nazareno I

Inside Basilika Ng Nazareno II

I remember what I an Atheist Philosopher, Karl Marx taught me way back in my pre-law days. He says: “Religion is the opium of the people!” Whatever his sentiments on Religion are, my faith works for me now and in the future, for as long as I hold on to it, which the Black Nazarene have truly renewed!

The Black Nazarene II

The Black Nazarene I

I hope to continue what I have started. I have made a simple promise to myself to keep going to the Basilika Ng Nazareno every Friday, whatever it takes!!!

Goodluck Kaniak!

Viva Senior Nazareno!


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8 Responses to Basilika Ng Nazareno: A Leap & Lift of Faith

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  2. Torn says:

    Dom: WheW! That was a seriously a lot! Hope to remember your exact words…:) I will…Sana maalala ko, hehe!

  3. dom OSB says:

    eh frend, my intentions actually are…number one: for perseverance to my Monastic life here at the Cloister..number two: for good health.(these past few weeks i have been sick with tendenitis coz it hampers my daily work schedule in the monastery..number three: my perseverance to keep going with my going back to the seminary to push thru with my Theology for my Ordination to the priesthood…. yun lang po..and thank you so very much my frend!…

  4. Torn says:

    Hey MHTS! Ahh, both?! Can’t wait to see your pix in Scotland. Go, upload it, now! By the way, did you go there to take pix too? 🙂

  5. MHTS says:

    Torn, did you go to church to worship? Or to take pictures? Hehe.. Nice pictures bro. (and nice camera). Visit my site too.. One of these days, I’ll try to upload pictures I took in Scotland…

    Indeed, “… Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” – Heb. 11:1. Good luck ngarud…

  6. Torn says:

    Sistah: Hi Sis! Its been quite a while…Nice to hear from you here again! 🙂

    Dom OSB: Surely! I will light three candles for you. Any color preference? See: And what are your intentions? 🙂

  7. dom OSB says:

    awesome pics…. wonderful really…. miss ko na ang quiapo every friday-… kung magagawa ko lang lumipad eh gagawin ko to visit the shrine of the Black Nazarene which i used to do when i was still at SBC—lapit lapit lang noon sa shrine…eh boy, pag nagpunta ka sa next friday ay pede ba na isindi mo naman ako ng tatlong kandila ? hahahahah–i will pay you pag nakauwi ako dyan sa next january….cheers….ingats ka kapatid…

  8. sistah says:

    To have faith in something adds structure to our lives.It makes us stronger knowing that we have a back up force to hold on to.It’s like coming home to ourselves.

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