Pandesal + “Bubog”: Another Unhealthy Food Story

*Here’s a break from my Quiapo Post.

Two nights ago, we bought Twenty Pesos of Pandesal at a nearby 24-hour Bakery for midnight snack, Chiz Whiz for spread, and Nestea Ice Tea for bev. While on our second piece, my friend Carlito noticed something unchewable and inconsistent with the texture of the bread. He took out what he was chewing and found a broken glass in the pandesal he was eating!

Philippine Pandesal with Broken Glass

Good he was not able to swallow it!

I wanted to “ambulance chase” as a personal normal reaction. On second thought, I decided to just call the attention of the Bakery at the most. Carlito, however, thought it was nothing, afterall he was not hurt. And so we stopped eating and forgot about the “bubog.”

The next morning, he went to buy bread again at the same Bakery and informed them of broken glass he found in the pandesal he bought the night before. Fortunately, a Kagawad was also buying from the same Bakery and Carlito was informed that his complaint is already the second, the first being the Bakery selling spoiled bread.

That made him decide to push the complaint. He went to see the Brgy. Captain together with the evidence (the pandesal and broken glass) and they went to the Bakery to talk to the owner.

To make the story short, the Brgy. Captain went inside the owner’s office without Carlito and when he came back, he had Php 3,000.00 with him for settlement and gave Carlito Php 2,000.00. That settled the issue.

Philipine Peso Notes

I personally do not have anything about settlement especially on cases like these but more than that, I am posting this experience for two reasons: First, to make it known that cases like this must never be ignored because chewing and possibly swallowing a broken glass is a health hazard; Second, there should be more vigilance in implementing regulatory provisions of the law on establishments like Bakeries because they sell edibles.

Postcript: I have not personally experienced this “unhealthy food stories” but I know of some from the news and from other friends. It reminds me of one incident when I was with a good friend Benz wayback in College when we went to eat what is reputed to be a good “laing” served at a nearby Carinderia. Surprise! Surprise! It had a 25-centavo coin as garnishing! 🙂


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6 Responses to Pandesal + “Bubog”: Another Unhealthy Food Story

  1. dangskie says:

    i`m very fussy when it comes to food i eat…i have this experience before when i was in college.i`m having my afternoon snack in one of the best snackhaus in Iloilo. i didnt realize it when i was eating but after i finished my drink of mountain dew i saw a NEOZEP wrapper inside my mountain dew bottle, then i complain to one of the waiters and what they did is re-imburse the amount of food i ate…..and i said NO…instead i told them to be very careful what you serve to your costumers.

  2. Torn says:

    Dom: BOW! 🙂

  3. dom OSB says:

    errrr, i guess its not my choice …but i’ve got to observe my vow of obedience to the Abbot weeeeeeeeee….

  4. Torn says:

    Dom: I didn’t know you like the kitchen! Is that by choice of by force?! Hehe!

    Sistah: Ti bisin na ngatan a let galgal a galgal len! Hehe!!!

  5. sistah says:

    that smal piece of glass could have done a lot of permanent damage.good he did not swallow it by accident!kaya-chew your food well because you never know.

  6. dom OSB says:

    ewwwwww…that was scaring, carlito must be very lucky he didn’t actually swallow it….you did the right move my frend…things like that should and must never be taken for granted–it helps these busines owners realize the value of health and sanitation… kung andito yan sa merika- naku, hindi lang yan ang aabutin ng bakery na yan-tiyak mawawalan siya ng business permit and worse a legal suit!….. thats why here in the monastery, i always tell my cooks to be very extra careful in their cooking, always use gloves in handling veggies and other stuff like that..they never know… we have guests who join us in our main meal for lunch and light meal for supper..and i dont want any complaint made against us for that matter..thanks for posting this my alerts me tobe steadfast in my working with cooks in the kitchen as the community’s kitchen manager…cheers and good day..have a happy 16th week of Ordinary time…do you still see some of our tropa in manila ‘the matienza group?….

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