Sampaguita is our National Flower. Are not the Vendors our National Symbol?

Notice: The title of this entry appears to be politically serious. It sounded good to me that’s why, but the content has little to do (or nothing at all!) with the title, hence this notice. 🙂

Sampaguita Vendor in Quiapo 2

For decades now, Sampaguita vendors in Metro Manila have become an ordinary sight, which made me think that they may be good national symbols of our nation’s (economic) status. Vendors from all ages sell Sampaguita to motorists on main stoplights and to worshipers in different churches. You see them any time of the day and night, running after cars and people to sell, with one common goal – that at the end of the day or night, they have something to bring home to feed themselves and their families. (*Sigh…Sigh!) 😦

Sampaguita Vendor in Quiapo 1

Unfortunately though, I am not sharing here with you their personal stories (but that could be a good entry soon) because I did not have ample time to chat with them when I took the pictures. Instead, I am sharing several images of Sampaguita vendors in front of the Basilika Ng Nazareno in Quiapo, Manila in one of my Friday visits.

Sampaguita Vendor in Quiapo 3

By the way, most articles I have read about Sampaguita vendors in the Metro sell “garlands.” If garlands are for the rear-view mirrors of jeepneys and cars, or adornment for religious images in churches, then so be it.

Sampaguita Vendor in Quiapo 4

The Sampaguita flower have lived up to its status as our National Flower. Several establishments, organizations, literaries and what have you are named after this tiny, delicate and simple flower! Read MORE of our Sampaguita for interesting facts!

Sampaguita Vendors in Quiapo 7

Sampaguita Vendors in Quiapo 6

Sampaguita Vendor in Quiapo 5

I tried buying and hanged it in my rear view mirror once. It’s a good air freshener (for a day) and it really smells good!

Sampaguita Garland inside my Car


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8 Responses to Sampaguita is our National Flower. Are not the Vendors our National Symbol?

  1. arikha says:

    hello sir..pwede ko po bang magamit to para sa painting ko..sana ok lang..salamat po..

  2. lawrence OSB says:

    yeah you’re right there–it’s not that easy to go back home and settle for good when you see its economy is not that good…and esp when you think of the economic future of your family.. but the whole thing is a painful process–it’s not easy to leave one’s air, atmosphee and culture…but i guess one has no choice lest he find himself and his family in great economic crisis…

  3. Torn says:

    Lawrence: I know where you stand especially when you come from this country and realized that there is actually something better that this. I bet, it becomes so hard for you to come back home and stay for good now…:)

  4. hey, i am so moved by these pics….. coz i can see beyond them, it’s indeed a big pity that our country has not economically moved forward despite the years that passed….i feel so helpless for such.

  5. Torn says:

    Sistah: I has not changed a lot. It smells the same as jasmine. Pinatulan?! Hehe! 🙂

    MHTS: Nicely put bro! Haay… Our country have been described as third world and developing when I was in grade school, and it still is up to now! Wow!

  6. MHTS says:

    I hate to admit, but this post touched me. It maybe inaccurate to describe the Sampaguita vendors as our National symbol, which is actually a good way of interpreting it as our current national economic status, but it is almost true.

    Sampaguita is our national flower – it is our pride. The vendors, we should be proud of them, too. Although, their intentions really are just to make money good enough for this afternoon’s lunch.

    I am not going to babble again about our economic status, which doesn’t really help. But at least one thing we see here is that – our Sampaguita is not only our National flower, it is also one of our nation’s saving grace (to us poor, that is).

  7. sistah says:

    wish i could smelll them’s been so long i’ve forgotten…

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