MANILights: A Manila Travel by Night

*Here’s another break from my Quiapo Post.

Here is a short travel story of my Manila night drive from Rizal Avenue/Avenida, in Sta Cruz, to Roxas Boulevard.

Roxas Blvd. Fireworks 1

Mla. Cityhall Clocktower 5

Last Tuesday, 24 July 2007, I was in Binondo around 11 p.m. While driving home to Malacañang Complex, I decided to turn right at Rizal Avenue to see the newly re-opened part of the Avenue, courtesy of the new Mayor of Manila, Alfredo Lim. See Related News Stories: (1) (2). His good predecessor former Manila Mayor Jose L. Atienza, Jr. closed it to give way to a “pedestrian park” under his Buhayin ang Maynila Project in 2003. There was virtually no traffic that time, so I thought it was a good time to set my camera on the streets to have some night shots.

Here are some images taken in the newly re-opened Rizal Avenue:

Sta. Cruz 2

Sta.Cruz 1

Sta. Cruz 3

There is no U-Turn going back to Recto Avenue, so, I decided to drive further. I should have turned right somewhere in Binondo to go back home but on second thought, I went straight to Jones Bridge and had my second set of shots.

Jones Bridge 2

Jones Bridge 3

Jones Bridge 1

I was already far from home so why not go straight to Roxas Boulevard to have some shots of its famous lamps! While driving to Roxas Blvd., I passed by the Manila City Hall and had my third stop to capture its Clock Tower. It was so imposing and grand from afar that I realized why it represents Manila in its logos.

Mla. Cityhall Clocktower 6

Mla. Cityhall Clocktower 2

Final stop, Roxas Blvd. (Correction: the ultimate stop was Aristocrat for its famous and my personal fave, the boneless chicken barbecue with java rice!)

Here are some night shots along Roxas Blvd.

Roxas Blvd. Lamposts 1

Roxas Blvd. 2

Roxas Blvd. Lampost 3

Roxas Blvd. Lampost 2

Roxas Blvd. 3

And here are some at the Plaza Rajah Sulayman with its “Dancing Fountain!”

Rajah Sulayman Fountain 2

Rajah Sulayman Plaza 1

Rajah Sulayman Fountain 1

To end the night, and as if Manila is celebrating (Whatt?! 🙂 ) with me to end my night travel of its landmarks, fireworks went on display which I had two better shots of. I love fireworks so I was more contented viewing than capturing!

Roxas Blvd. Fireworks 2


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4 Responses to MANILights: A Manila Travel by Night

  1. travel link says:

    well this is useful… (at least for me)

    very thanks

    travel link

  2. wanda says:

    nice shots! manila looked magical

  3. Torn says:

    Lawrence: Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila. There’s no place like Manila, Manila I’m coming home to stay… 🙂

  4. lawrence OSB says:

    in terms of stuff and things like this…well, this place called manila is the best and i should say–it;s beyond compare with other western cities all over the world…sa manila pa rin ako– that’s why whatever i do, wherever i go , i always think of manila after dark!….how i miss these lights…

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