Plaza Miranda: Named after Miranda who?

Who doesn’t know where Plaza Miranda is? But who is Miranda?

Plaza Miranda Arch_Belltower

Plaza Miranda is (in) the heart of Quiapo District. It is a square or a public plaza in front of the Basilika Ng Nazareno or St. John the Baptist Church or the Quiapo Church as it is widely known. It is also a popular site of political rallies. In August 21, 1971, while the Liberal Party held their Miting de Avance in the plaza, a bomb exploded, killing 8 and injuring almost 100 civilians (Source) – and that made me aware of Plaza Miranda’s political significance as a young kid, I, being a Martial Law baby!

Plaza Miranda Arch_Quiapo,Manila

Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Manila, is named after Jose Sandino y Miranda. Nothing much is known about Señor Miranda except that he served as secretary of the treasury of the Philippines for 10 years starting in 1853. (Source).

It used to be the vortex of the nation’s sensibilities, the focus of its attention on issues affecting the public interest. National leaders spoke here, as so did local politicians, all of them seeking the people’s approval and acclaim. Here were various ideas expressed either arrogantly or humbly, from the sublime to the absurd, to be accepted or disdained by the judgmental audience. It was here that governmental programs and proposals had to pass President Ramon Magsaysay’s cautious and imperative criterion: “Can we defend this at Plaza Miranda?” (Source.)

In recent years, Plaza Miranda have been rehabilitated under the administration of (former) Manila Mayor Lito L. Atienza, Jr., under his “Buhayin Ng Maynila” Project. Today, Plaza Miranda’s marker of rehabilitation stands and states:

Lungsod Ng Maynila

The Honorable Mayor JOSE L. ATIENZA, JR., reconstructed this Plaza Miranda to elevate the image of Manila as the “Cradle of Freedom and Dignity” and to serve as an everliving testimony to Manilas persistent pursuit for excellence and the good life through freedom of expression, of religion, of trade and commerce and of association which are nestled in this site, with the valuable technical cooperation and support from the following: Alicia Reyes, Chairperson, PAGCOR; Jose Acuzar, Developer, San Jose Builders; Arch. Virgilio Regala, Jr., Architect, Planner

Here are more images of the present Plaza Miranda.

Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila

Lottery Ticket Vendor_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila

In one corner of Plaza Miranda stands “Plaridel Corner,” named after one of our local heroes, Marcelo H. del Pilar, who had “Plaridel” as his pen name while a journalist for the Philippine Propaganda Movement against Spanish Colonization of the Philippines which eventually inspired the Philippine Revolution (Source).

Plaridel Corner_Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila

The Plaridel Corner in Plaza Miranda is dedicated to the local “Samahang Plaridel,” a group that continues to be inspired by what Marcelo H. del Pilar did for the country.

The marker reads:

Ito ang Plaridel Corner. Nilikha ng Lungsod ng Maynila sa pamamagitan ni Punong Lungsod, Kgg. Jose L. Atienza, Jr., at ang Samahang Plaridel at Kapihan sa Manila, bilang tanging pook na laan sa lahat ng mamamayan para sa malayang pagpapahayag ng mga kaisipan at kuro-kuro.

“Tutol ako sa sinabi mo, ngunit ipagtatangol ko hanggang kamatayan and karapatan mong sabihin iyon.” VOLTAIRE (1694-1778)

Pinasinayaan ngayong ika-30 araw ng Agosto 2005, senteneryo ni Marcelo H. Del Pilar, makabayan, intelektual, at peryodista.


Freedom Statue Reflection_Plaridel Corner_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila

True, the appearance of Plaza Miranda may have definitely changed. In fact, it served its purpose to “revive” Manila. If there is something left of the rehabilitation, it is the old feel of Plaza Miranda being preserved notwithstanding modernization. The usual trade and activity that went on for years dating back from old Manila still goes on in present times, because Plaza Miranda is Plaza Miranda! 🙂

More than the place, it is the people and the activity that goes on in a place which leave us with something important to remember. Hence, I am sharing below several images of Plaza Miranda and its people:

Fan Vendor. How many can you see?
Fan Vendor_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Want to know your future? Leave it to them – fortune tellers but not your future!
Fortune Tellers_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila


Exotic leaves and potions plus amulets on sale. This is Quiapo!
Herbs Vendor_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Doormats. How many can you see?
Doormat Vendor_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Candles and Religious Items on Sale.
Rosary & Candle Vendor_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Still able. Very able.
Old Lady_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Ukay-Ukay from UK?!
Ukay Ukay_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Personal Kit Vendor. My friend Carlito got what he calls as Tulili (?) – that thingy for the ears! It hurts when inserted improperly!
Personal Kit Vendor_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Jeepney Barker. Arff!!!
Motorcycle & Fresh Coconut_Plaridel Corner_Plaza Mirande,Quiapo,Manila



Native Products on Sale. It has become a landmark for the Country already.
Native Products on Sale_Quiapo,Manila



Japz Cake for 10-Pesos. Good when it’s hot!
Japz Cake Vendor_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Flip-Flops for 30-Pesos. I got 2 pairs for house slippers.
Flip Flops on Sale_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Dust. Pollution. You’re in Manila.
Itchy Eyes_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila



Reading (?) at the Plaridel Corner.
Plaza Miranda



Mercury Drug Signeage: No, it’s not 7-11.
Mercury Drug Sign_Plaza Miranda,Quiapo,Manila

Oh by the way, may I share with you an image of a deer-head candle holder which I got from Friday Night Market at Plaza Miranda for 35-Pesos. The black part is made of steel and wrought iron and the base is wood.

Deerhead Candle Holder from Quiapo


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3 Responses to Plaza Miranda: Named after Miranda who?

  1. cess.dara says:

    im working on our thesis for group project
    in tourism planning subject
    im assigned to do the POLITICAL ANALYSIS
    on this place .. and i got much information here
    than the other blog’s thanks you my dear :))

  2. Camalaniugan says:

    I enjoyed viewing this photo. Thnk you for posting..

  3. ey torn, this an awesome and wonderful post! did not only catch the general ambience of this historical landmark but you were able to capture the beauty of the filipino inguenity and resillience against this so called poverty in the midst of the present global economic crisis….these images just proved once again that pinoys are great and can still stand tall in terms of making both ends meet at the middle of such crisis..and so my saying goes: …YOU CAN NEVER PUT A PINOY DOWN, in times of distress and in times of economic turmoil, pinoy will stand tall for ever and EVER!…..
    your posts are really beautiful..they deserved to be viewed by Filipinos all over the world….i recommend this site so pinoy members all around the wrold may get the opportunity to view present images of their native beloved country like me…
    this is the site: -lots of pinoys are members of this site-and get the chance to get reconnected with other pinoys thru their sites….
    cheers and keep blogging my friend!….

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