Vulcanized in Quiapo

vul·ca·nize (vlk-nz)
tr.v. vul·ca·nized, vul·ca·niz·ing, vul·ca·niz·es
“To improve the strength, resiliency, and freedom from stickiness and odor of (rubber, for example) by combining with sulfur or other additives in the presence of heat and pressure.” (Source).

Vulcanizing Lance 1

In one of my Friday visits in Quiapo, lately, the parking boy (while I was parking of course) noticed the right rear tire of Lance (that’s my car!) was flat! I asked where is the nearest vulcanizing shop and I was lead to a noble place about three blocks away.

Instead of changing to my spare tire which may be so uncomfy in the ever busy Quiapo, I opted to drive thinking that there should be enough air (maybe?) until I reached the shop. And where do you get vulcanized if you don’t have a choice? Here!

Vulcanizing Shop

Tha “Manong” pumped some air into my tire, took it out, and checked for leaks in his water tank. He found no sharp object which may have caused the air leak but instead, rested his case by declaring that the tire suffered from what he described as “oblong” referring to the uneven surface of the tire caused by ordinary wear and tear which caused the air leak.

Vulcanizing it is no longer possible and it’s beyond repair. No choice (again) but to use my spare tire. While Lance was being attended to, I captured some images in the shop which I am sharing it with you:

Air for Free: Exclusively for Kids!

Vulcanizing Kids 1


M. A. W – Manong in Action!

Vulcanizing Scoot


Jeepney on Queu

Jeepney_Vulcanize Shop


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2 Responses to Vulcanized in Quiapo

  1. you look beautiful in this simple and classy outfit that manages to be comfy at the same time. i agree with your stance. those rules were probably set by people who couldn't find a way to make the combinations work. why settle for their standards?

  2. Dash says:

    I’ve been loknoig for a post like this forever (and a day)

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