At Home with the Chef

Before the scheduled shoot, subject of my previous post, Chef Anton prepared dinner at his place in one of the villages in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Chef Anton Abad

He cooked two very flavorful and yummy dishes! I found his preparation for the Rosemary Lamb with Mint Jelly very entertaining! It was the flambee that made the show, well, at least for me who does not witness it everyday!


The lamb meat was tender and the rosemary sprinkled on top gave it a distinct flavor. The mint jelly, which was a little sweet for me, is suppose to take out any after taste of the lamb meat, but it was fine sans the jelly for me. The meat was so distinctly lamby.

This was how the lamb meat look like before the flambee show:

The other one is called Gindara in Kabayaki Sauce. Sounds Japanese because it is Japanese cuisine. I always find fish dishes interesting and good food always tease my appetite. Chef Anton’s dishes were never an exception.

For dessert, we had Mango Torte that we bought along the way to Sta. Rosa. Sweet!

After dinner, it was time for cigarettes but the Chef does not smoke. Hence, there was no ashtray in sight and this explains why we made use of sardines.

Chef Anton made use of sliced oranges to garnish, to add color and for extra soury-sweety taste.

More of Chef Anton’s food he served us at Canlubang Golf on my next post.


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2 Responses to At Home with the Chef

  1. Jay Anne says:

    Yummyness is next to Tallulah Belle!!!

  2. Jay Anne says:

    Hahahahahahahaha! di man lang nabigyan ng credit si Richard for the Torte!!!

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