2008 World Pyrolympics: Philippines’ Entry

After about an hour of waiting, the Philippines, not as a participant to the competition being the host country, started its show. This time, I was able to recall the quick review on how to take fireworks display that I was reading at DPS and some others.

2008 World Pyrolympics_Philippines24_432

For this performance, I already made use of the zoom so that I can frame the explosions at a closer angle which came out better that the previous. I made use of the simplest way to take shots. I set my camera to the Scene Menu and choose Fireworks.

2008 World Pyrolympics_Philippines13

My camera is not remote shutter release capable so I made use of a tripod and shutter manually. Some says you can use the self-timer but that may not be able to capture the images you wanted because it’s automatic

Here are some of the other images I took of the entry.

2008 World Pyrolympics_Philippines4

L_world pyrolympics_australia5

2008 World Pyrolympics_Philippines14

2008 World Pyrolympics_Philippines20

2008 World Pyrolympics_Philippines23

The finale, captured on the second image at the start of this post and the immediate image below got the most applause! I found it very interesting and I have never seen it until last night.

2008 World Pyrolympics_Philippines25

The pyros here were released at a low angle, about 45-degrees or even less, somewhat released sideways unlike the usual, but they did not explode. They are small balls of fire that go down very slowly emitting thick smoke which was illuminated by the color of the ball of fires that come down. Perfect! Ang Ganda! I give it a perfect score!

See more photos on my flickr set.


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