The Chef Offers Food at the Club

This is a continuation of my post on Canlubang (1) (2). The chef (whom I casually call Tonton, by the way) and I, are already at the club as early as breakfast. He offered me Pinoy breakfast of fried bangus and eggs. It was good but I should have preferred my bangus a little more juicy than dry as served.

fried bangus with eggs

After breakfast, it was time for me to take some pictures around the club and the whole golf course. I was done before noon. For lunch, Tonton offered us, again, fired bangus with mango salsa, which is very Thai, by the way:

fried bangus with mango salsa

Grilled Chicken with Laguna Cheesemelt. This I like. Naman! Yummyness! However, Tonton did not like the presentation because it was too saucy:

grilled chicken with laguna cheesemelt

And Pinakbet, for our veggies:


For dessert, we had Turon with langka, which I indulged because it was thinly crisp on the outside, soft and yummy in the insideI The size was just right for the bite which made eating it more enjoyable. In fact, I have to request for a scoop of mango ice crème to complement.

turon with langka

I shared lunch with Jay-Anne, Tonton’s wife and Mrs. Kramer, whom Tonton introduced to us. She is the present consultant for Housekeeping in the club. A fine lady from Bacolod, studied and Spain and well traveled. We enjoyed her company. Below is Tonton and Jay-Anne, unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture of Mrs. Kramer because I was keen on listening to her stories that made me forgot taking her picture.

chef anton with jay-anne

By the way, while having lunch at the terrace of the club, heavy rain began to fall, followed by (two) lightning which literally landed to the grounds very near where we are, about a hundred meters away that made us transfer to a close space in their pavilion, by advise of Mrs. Kramer. Terrible, it made our hearts really pound!

For the unforgettable experience in Canlubang, big thanks to Tonton for the invite! 🙂

Chef at Work

chef anton at work

Oh by the way, without Tonton telling me what cuisine he specializes in, based on the menu he offered us at the club and in his place, he does Oriental.


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